Young with Hip Pains

I'm 14 and my hip has had a sharp excrushating pain when it gets touched in a certain spot. I feel it whenever I'm playing basketball and it hasn't gotten better, even though it's been a month. Any idea what could be wrong?

Azri's reply

Thank you for sharing your question. To answer it, you have to understand that there is a lot of different causes for different types of hip pain.

For example, is the pain achy, or is it somewhat sudden and intense. Does it affect you throughout the day or does it come in bouts and flashes? Is it just pain, or do you notice reddishness on your skin, swelling or bruising around the affected area. It is hard to understand the cause without answers to these questions.

As for possible causes of hip pain, there is also a lot of possibilities. It could be due to a muscle strain - you did mention that you play basketball - and you might have strained the soft tissues around the hip during a game. It could be due to minor arthritis or tendonitis, and if so, you need to consult a physician to find the best possible treatment for it.

Some experts also attribute hip pain to calcium deficiency. Since the hip is like the joint between the upper and lower torsos, lack of calcium could weaken the hip and lead to possible pain. Others believe that it might be attributed to weight problems. I'm not sure what your height and weight is, but if your BMI falls within the acceptable range, it is possible to rule out weight problems as the causal factor.

This pretty much sums up the possible causes of hip pain. I strongly suggest that you consult your physician because if left untreated, it could lead to greater health complications. Furthermore, a physician could analyze and find out the exact factor that is causing you this problem so that you do not have to suffer much longer.

In the meantime, you can use the RICE method to help ease the pain. RICE stands for rest, ice, compress and elevation. Get some rest, stay away from basketball until you get an all-clear from your doctor. Place some ice compresses on your hip to help ease the pain. It could also address the problem if your hip pain is due to muscle strain since the cooling effects help the muscles to heal.

Some people choose to use heating compresses instead, but it's up to you. The final letter E, elevate, might not be applicable to you since it is the hip area.

I hope that this has helped you. Do see your physician quickly and use the tips I've highlighted here.

To your health,

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