You can achieve your fitness goal - whether weight loss or just feeling healthier - using this website, thank you Azri!

by Caitlin

Hi Azri

I came to your site a couple of months ago, but I think it was still quite new and I didn't have much. What a difference a few months make. Your site is truly incredible.

I have been always skinny and teased as a kid. It was horrible and I felt kind of alone, and I was reading your post about how exercise can help boost your self-esteem, and that's really true. The rush of endorphins from regular exercise really helped me feel better about myself. I wanted to thank you for sharing your information and for letting people like me know that it's okay to be skinny, because it's really about being healthy. At least for me.

I just wanted to chime in with some comments of my own about exercise and fitness. It's actually quite a liberating experience, once you've buckled down and make it a habit that is fun rather than a tiresome chore. Sometimes, it's hard to see the benefits when you're tired from work, and you dont' love how you look anymore, but you gain so much once you start sweating it out at home or at a nearby gym.

I know some people are saying: "what do you know, you're skinny but we're overweight". Well, I hate being skinny. The grass is always greener on the other side, and in this case, we all want to be healthy and fit. My aim was never to gain muscle and mass - my aim was to feel better about myself and exercising helped me achieve that. If you are depressed with your weight, then remember that wanting to do something about it and really COMMITTING to it is way more than what most people do.

Some decide to make resolutions to lose weight but in the end, they still head over to a fast food joint and binge on fries and burgers. No one is saying that you have to control your food limit overnight but what is important is to try being vigilant and proactive. Wanting to lose a couple of pounds isn't enough. You need to put in effort, and this is where you can do it.

This is a great fitness website, filled with tonnes of information on free workout tips, and healthy eating habits that we can learn and apply to our daily lives. It contains visual aids like photos (but I think more can be added) to help your understanding. Azri even has a weight loss ebook called Groundbreaking Facts About Weight Loss (seen in the right hand column) that you can purchase and have 150 pages or more of information on losing weight, eating right and why people fail to lose weight. I bought it because I trust Azri and his information and I've not been disappointed.

The book is really helpful and friendly with genuine advice. I'm trying his cardio tips tomorrow morning when I head out to run along my favourite jogging path.

Therefore, all in all, I think, that no matter who you are, what your aims are, you can achieve it, if you put your heart and soul to it. Start working out today if you want to lose weight, or gain muscle, or just feel good about yourself. Trust me, I've been quite lazy, but after trying the advice from a real person (not some poster model on some fitness magazine), I realize that Azri is a guy who is genuinely concerned about helping others.

I can even show you his emails to me, if you like!

Thank you Azri and keep writing. I love your website.


Comments for You can achieve your fitness goal - whether weight loss or just feeling healthier - using this website, thank you Azri!

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Nov 07, 2015
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by: Anonymous

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May 14, 2011
Totally know where you're coming from Sandra
by: Caitlin

Thank you for agreeing Sandra.

Yes, a person's size should not make or break the information provided. I can see that he genuinely wants to help, he provides information that we need to know, not what we want to hear sometimes. But that's good, it helps prepare us better in order to improve ourselves.

After all, who doesn't want to wake up and feel refreshed and energized.

Mar 15, 2011
Agree Caitlin
by: sandra

I agree. I've seen many fitness sites but Azri breaks it down so you don't have to toil everyday doing the same repetitive things.

Quite frankly I don't care what a person looks like, as long as the information I'm given is accurate.

One of the things wrong with the beauty and fitness industry is to much emphasis on appearances. I would submit that if all one cares about is the size of the web designer then they are probably not serious about exercise.

The main thing is one can see that Azri is toned. And I think that is what we are looking for.

I've had to adjust my routine a great deal because of some health issues. But I get the basic premise which is to rotate using the different parts of the body. And I like that.

Thanks Azri

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