Workout Songs - Lady GaGa Might Be Your Best Exercise Buddy!

Listening to workout songs might be the best thing for your fitness needs. This is still a new concept and not many people follow it because they feel that it affects their performance.

Before I go further in depth, you might be wondering what exactly do I mean by the term "workout songs".

listening to some workout songs while workout can be a strong motivation

Let's Define Workout Songs

When I talk about songs, I'm not referring to songs where artists sing to you about push ups, lunges and stretching. God forbid that such songs exist.

I am, however, suggesting that you should listen to some songs during your workout as it helps keep you motivated and interested to exercise.

Since this is a relatively new idea, started by youths of today who possess music players, not many individuals are using it. But you should start listening to music more regularly while working out as it really helps make exercising feel more vibrant.

Imagine a scenario where you set yourself a target of using your treadmill or elliptical trainer for twenty minutes. It will be extremely boring for you to achieve that goal if all you did was to stare at the pictures on the wall of your living room for the whole time.

What if you were to plug your ears and listen to your favourite songs? It could be Lady GaGa's latest hit, oldies by Abba, anything that you enjoy listening to. Chances are, you will lose track of time and you can jog or walk to the rhythm of the songs!

Some of you who choose to watch the television while exercising are doing the exact same thing - you are keeping yourselves entertained so that you can achieve your physical fitness aims for the day.

My Personal Experience With Workout Songs

I like running around my neighbourhood and watch people go about their daily lives. But even that becomes boring after a while.

After taking advice from a friend, I invested in a waterproof set of earphones and plugged my ears while jogging. It made a huge difference.

I could listen to songs I love, like Leona Lewis' My Hands, and somehow that gave me the additional push to run several more rounds. I used to run maybe 3 rounds. After I started to listen to songs while working out, I ran 5 or six rounds.

The funniest thing is that, I don't even realize it until I've checked the distance that I've covered on my mobile phone!

How Do Workout Songs Help With Different Exercises?

Time Based Workouts

Maybe one day, you decide to challenge yourself by attempting to complete one minute of wall squats. Listening to songs will actually help make time pass faster so you don't feel that it is as long as it should.


When you feel discouraged, you can use the rhythm of the songs to pace yourself. This means that you keep your running in synch with the song so that you won't run out of steam.

It is pretty surprising how songs can be a great running buddy right? Try it out the next time you're taking a jog.

Final Words From Azri

In conclusion, start using workout songs in your exercise routine! Songs for running, songs while doing strength exercises...

Having songs will make things interesting and interest will keep you motivated. Motivation means that you will exercise over a long period of time.

Even dentists are turning to such methods especially when their patients are teenagers. Pop on the latest hits by a prominent band, and the teenager won't protest to having his molars cleaned!

So try this tip and see whether it helps you. I hope to receive some emails from you about your success!

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