Will skipping help me to lose weight?

by Anna

I’m seeking to lose weight and have been doing skipping on a daily basis. I want to know whether this can help me to shed excess pounds from my body.

If skipping is not an effective method of weight loss, could you perhaps suggest something else that can help me combat the excess pounds in my body?

Azri’s reply:

Thank you for your question Anna! I hope you found my site useful.

With regards to your question, any form of exercise that is intense enough to get your heart rate up is considered effective. However, the big question is how long you push yourself.

Some people might engage in soccer, but if they play it for only a short period of time, they might not have burned as much calories as compared to someone who swam for an hour. It is important to work out at an intensive level for a sufficient amount of time to burn fat.

This is perhaps another reason why quite a number of people fail. They are motivated to exercise, they eat right, but do not engage in a demanding sport for a significant amount of time when they exercise. After which, they become demoralized because they do not see results.

Therefore, it is critical that if you choose to do skipping (some prefer to call it jump rope) to do it not at your comfort level, but to push yourself further.

This means that if you can do skipping for 20 minutes comfortably, try to up the duration to maybe 30 minutes. Gradually up the level of intensity of your workout, and you can be sure that you will be burning excess calories from your body.

If skipping gets boring for you, I strongly suggest that you try another form of exercise, like a game of beach volleyball or go swimming. When you do this, you spice things up and therefore don’t find exercising as boring as before.

A healthy diet is also critical as it determines whether you achieve your fitness goal or not. Eat healthy foods while avoiding those high in sugar content or are fried.

Fat cells can never disappear from your body, they only empty themselves. This means that you need to be constantly vigilant about your diet in the long run if you never want to be worried about gaining those pounds once more.

Good luck with your weight issues. You can do it!

Webmaster of Exercise For Beginners

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Oct 23, 2010
Skipping sounds good; can you help me adapt this to my enviornment?
by: sandy

I was considering adding skipping to my routine. Could you give me some recommendations on the type of shoes that are best for skipping and any other tips. Is this surface ok for skipping? I would be skipping in the house on "laminate" wood flooring.

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