Weight Loss For Teenage Girls - A Worrying Trend

Weight loss for teenage girls is an emotional issue that continues to haunt them every day. They are constantly reminded of the need to be skinny and conform to the ideas portrayed by the media.

Needless to say, many have turned to crazy diets and lifestyle changes to help them lose weight and become closer to the ever unattainable size 0, a size deemed to be perfect in the eyes of Hollywood superstars, producers and directors.

What stuns me is not the things that these young girls go through to lose weight and be skinny, but the fact that they have self-esteem issues. Most of them are already quite slender, but they keep thinking that they're fat, resorting to pills with hopes that they will feel better about themselves.

So how do we try curbing this problem of weight loss for teenage girls? I can think of a few ways that can help slow down this ever-increasing trend.

Support From Friends And Family

Positive words of encouragement can help remind a teenager that she is beautiful and does not have to conform to societal stereotypes to fit in. Parents, especially play an important role in moulding their teenage daughters to love themselves.

Engaging in sports can also be a great way of keeping negative feelings at bay. Exercise is proven to raise levels of feel-good hormones called endorphins in the human body. Regular exposure to exercise and other physical activity can make a person feel better about himself in the long run.

On top of that, finding out what someone is good at can help prevent the urge to think about weight loss for teenage girls. Engage your teenage friend or daughter in something that they are good at, perhaps crafts, tennis or even acting so that they feel happy and don't think lowly of their self-worth.

This is a problem that requires help and support from all sides. Friends and family members need to work hand in hand if they want to stop more teenage girls from having destructive mindsets of needing to lose weight.

Especially when they are already underweight in most cases!

Educating Our Youths

The teenagers and youths today need to reminded that not everything shown by the media is true. While it may be fine to idolize an actor or actress, it is wrong to worship them to the point that they would risk their health to be as skinny as them!

Parents and friends need to remind teenagers, especially teenage girls, of the use of technology in today's world. Looks can be edited and modified with the click of a button. Facial scars and problems like acne and blackheads can be erased with just a flick of the mouse's cursor.

Therefore, the perception of looks today is very distorted and parents need to remind their teenage daughters of that. Weight loss for teenage girls is a big issue because they want to look like Eva Longoria or be as thin as Celine Dion.

The thing is, they can achieve that, if they eat well! Take a look at proper healthy eating guidelines, as well as the dangers of the fastest weight loss pills and other miracle diets to understand why they're so dangerous.

At the end of the day, education is freedom. Once they understand that a lot of things they see on TV are untrue, or have been edited, it is easier for them to accept themselves. When this happens, can we work towards healing the younger generations of today.

Final Words From Azri

Unfortunately, weight loss for teenage girls became such a pandemic because of imagery portrayed by the media, where girls are stick-thin and had bones sticking out everywhere.

It is thus important for friends and family to be a positive role model towards their teenage friends and daughters and to help them overcome the stereotypes created by the media today. It is the only way to prevent the vicious cycle from going on and on, and destroying many girls' lives.

It is a problem that needs to be tackled now, by friends, family, teachers, schools, everyone. We cannot stop the media, but we can educate the future of our nations.

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