Water Aerobics Workouts - Getting Wet Just Got Better

Water aerobics workouts are now getting more popular. People are getting into their swimsuits and trying at hand at water aerobics. It's actually pretty interesting - dancing, jogging and jumping in a swimming pool.

You work out a sweat without even noticing it, sport a gorgeous tan after you are done and you get a great workout after it all.

Benefits Of Water Aerobics Workouts

This concept of exercising was introduced for quite some time but the idea did not really catch on because the idea of working out in the pool seemed contradictory. Many assumed that to achieve a good workout, it had to take place in a gym.

The idea back then was that if you used a gym equipment, you are getting the best possible workout.

Time passed and slowly sports physiotherapists and psychologists realized that there may be a treasure behind working out in the pool. While running and other physical activities had a big impact on human joints, water-related sports didn't.

Hence came water therapy, water massage and finally, water aerobics.

It no longer became an alien concept and people starting doing it in their backyard pool, at a community swimming pool, while at the beach and so on. People loved it not because of the pain-free aerobics they got to enjoy, but also because it was flexible.

This brings me to my next point.

What Exactly Are Water Aerobics Workouts?

Aerobics is defined as sustained exercises that stimulate and strengthen the heart and lungs, which improves the body's usage of oxygen. This can actually refer to a lot of things people do, from swimming, dancing to a game of basketball.

Water aerobics refer to these activities in the water. While you cannot play basketball in a pool, there are loads of other things people do to take advantage of this aqua activity.

You could power up a stereo playing your favourite ballads or pop tunes - be careful not to disturb your neighbours - and dance in the pool! Perhaps you could challenge yourself to jog underwater, and do several laps of that.

My personal favourite would be to dance. However in a conservative country like Singapore, I don't dare to start grooving in public pools. The only time I tried were at my friend's pool or on the beach!

It's actually pretty cool and do not assume that it is easy, because it's not. I was pretty stunned at how much more effort you need to put in. Despite the amount of effort, it was surprising to know that your joints are not getting as stressed as they would be if you were to run on a concrete pavement!

Want To Engage In Water Aerobics Workouts?

Try it out for yourself and see how you would like it. This is the perfect opportunity for you if you have not been running because of joint problems. On top of that, if you are overweight but want to exercise, working out in the water is a great chance to do so.

If you noticed reality based TV series like "the Biggest Loser" or similar shows that help overweight individuals lose weight and gain a healthier figure, you notice that water aerobics form a big part of their training routines.

Start out small, maybe going for 15 minutes to half an hour of dancing and jogging in the pool and slowly acclimate yourself to water training. Be sure to do some warm up exercises before that to make sure that you don't pull a muscle!

Final Words From Azri

Water aerobics workouts can be wonderful for you to capitalize on. They are flexible and easy to do, without damaging your joints. Oh, did I mention that you burn more calories as well? The amount of effort that you need to put in causes you to shed calories like no tomorrow!

The only possible disadvantage is that you need a pool to do such exercises. You certainly cannot do them in a bathtub! However, if you are heading to a beach, or going to a resort, or simply have access to a swimming pool, this is something you should not ignore!

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