Tuck Jumps - Let's Be Like Rabbits!

Jolt your legs with tuck jumps! They are great workouts for your legs. Due to the fact that this exercise requires you to jump again and again, you need to make sure you are properly warmed up.

Steps To Doing Proper Tuck Jumps

  • Jog on the spot for a minute, to warm up before starting the actual exercise.

Once you feel that your heart rate is up, you can begin the actual thing itself.

  • Jog on the spot, for about ten seconds. Keep your hands facing outwards at your chest level.

You don't really have to count to ten as it is just a rough estimate. It is up to you as to how long you want to jog on the spot.

  • Explosively jump up, trying to hit your hands with your knees.

This is the tricky part. If you have not exercised before, you can keep your hands at your waist level and jump. As you progress and become stronger, you can increase the height of your hands.

  • Repeat this another 8 more times.

Things You Need To Do To Prevent Injuries

  • Check your surroundings to make sure that you won't jump into any objects if you lose balance.

You must also ensure that there is nothing hanging overhead that you can bang into during your jump.

  • Put on proper shoes.

Due to the high impact this exercise has on your feet, you need to wear shoes to cushion the blow. It will help minimize and prevent injuries.

  • Land on your toes first, then your feet.

This is why shoes are very important. You need to avoid landing directly on your heel as the impact can affect your backbone over time.

Try to land on your toes, before bringing your heel down to the floor. If you experience problems with this, do little jumps, to get the hang of it.

  • Bend your knees during landing.

Bending your knees helps to further cushion the impact of landing. Again, if you are not able to bend your knees during your jumps, practise while doing mini jumps.

How Can You Make It Tougher?

Challenge yourself!

  • Attach some weights to your ankles.

Adding weights to your legs would certainly boost the intensity of this workout. As I have said, make sure that you add weights gradually.

Final Words From Azri

This is one of the rare exercises where you do not or should not move slowly. The more explosive your jumps are, the greater the effects on your muscles.

Tuck jumps take time to get used to. It might be a bit tough at first, but it can be a great deal of fun after a while.

Next time you are taking photos with your family, do a jump shot! Your time spent doing this exercise will definitely pay off when you soar higher than the rest of your family members.

Give it a shot. We shall jump our way to success! :D

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