Tricep Extension - Simple Motions Can Overdeliver

Tricep extension trains the little muscle we neglect in favour of the bicep. Our triceps are as important as any other muscle in the body, but every day, I see more and more people who train their biceps but not the triceps.

When you fail to train your muscles evenly, you permanently alter the muscles. In this case, they are unable to straighten their arms because their biceps are too tense and their triceps are undertrained.

Please do not fall into this trap and start training those triceps!

Steps To The Tricep Extension

You will need two items: a stable chair and a weight.

Now, as a beginner, you might not have conventional dumbbells at home. What you can do is to take a water bottle and fill it up. You already have a weight. A friend of mine, N, used her Biology textbook to do this exercise when I introduced it to her.

Let's begin!

  • Prop yourself on a chair such that your body is leaning forward.

tricep extension starting position

  • Grasp your weight firmly and raise your arm such that it forms a 90 degree angle. This is your starting position.

  • Keeping your elbow fixed, move your forearm such that your arm makes a straight line.

tricep extension final position

Be sure not to twist your wrist around.

  • Slowly return to the starting position.

  • Aim to complete 8 more repetitions of this workout.

What You Should Bear In Mind

  • Be sure to lock your elbow at the starting position.

Your forearm should be in motion, not your entire arm. Moving your entire arm does very little for your tricep and trains other muscles instead!

  • Keep your back straight.

Do not hunch or arch your back throughout the exercise. This can cause lower back pain which is extremely unpleasant.

  • Look down when you are attempting this workout.

This is a personal preference. I don't like the strain I feel from looking straight ahead, so I tend to look down. However, if you're comfortable, then it's fine.

Making This Exercise More Challenging

  • Use a heavier weight.

This is the easiest method of making the exercise a little tougher. There are always objects at home that you can use as weights, so explore and try it out!

  • Hold the position for a few seconds before returning to the starting position.

This is true for most exercises. Just hold the position for 3-5 seconds can make a lot of difference to your workout.

Final Words From Azri

Do not neglect any muscle.

Do not neglect any muscle.

Yes, I may be repeating myself too much, but I really hope you understand how important it is not to spot train or to focus only on one aspect of your body.

Exercising is simple and this workout is no exception. So there is simply no excuse for you not to go and give it a try. I'm sure you're sitting on a chair to read this and a water bottle is not far away from you right?

Hint, hint.

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