Treadmill Workout Plan - Treadmill Walking Program - Getting The Most Out Of Your Mini Treadmill

Want to plan your own treadmill workout plan? Regardless of whether you just purchased a treadmill (congratulations!), or you plan to continue to use your favorite mini treadmill at the local gym, nothing is more important than making sure you get the most out of each workout.

After all, isn't the whole point of exercising is making sure that you're pushing yourself to the limit and reaping all the health benefits?

No matter what your fitness aims are, the treadmill is going to help you with one thing only, which is your cardiovascular endurance. Why is this so important?

Our body's circulatory systems work really hard every day, pumping blood to various regions of our body. The blood carries toxins to be flushed out, brings oxygen to allow the other organs to function efficiently and performs many other functions. In order to do this, it needs to be in tip top condition.

Doing cardiovascular exercises like running, jogging, engaging in sports and working up a good sweat are good options to strengthen your cardio system. It is also becoming more important because studies have shown that a good cardio system leads to a much stronger immune system.

On top of that, following a properly structured treadmill workout plan is important due to the climate and also our diet. Due to industrialization and other commercial factors, there is much more pollution in the air, like free radicals and chemical toxins. Help your body expel these harmful agents from your body by strengthening it through exercise.

Industrialization has also affected our food products. More and more brands are highly processed and contain high levels of sugar, salt and other preservatives. If you take too much of such products, there will be fatty deposits in your vessels and this will lead to high blood pressure and other heart related illnesses. The only sure-fire way of combating this is through high intensity cardio exercises to help the blood remove the fat.

Stages to Your Treadmill Workout Plan

There are three stages to your workout plan.


When you first get your treadmill, or if you are using the treadmill at your gym, be sure to take some time to get used to it first. The general guideline is to take three weeks to slowly adjust your body to using the machine, getting used to the controls and finding your pace.

It is important not to rush this phase because you need to get used to the machine first before your body is able to handle workouts of a higher intensity level, which you must do in time, to get the most out of the treadmill.

This is the stage where many people fail and give up. They do not give their bodies enough time to adjust and start going for the extremely grueling choices of workouts. Their bodies begin to protest, they experience injuries and soon after, call it quits. It is so much wiser to take your time, enjoy the journey and reap long-term benefits of a treadmill.

Upping the Challenge Factor

After about three weeks, what you should be doing is to start increasing the intensity of your treadmill workout plan. Nothing too drastic. Just a bit of minor tweaks to make sure that your body doesn't start to relax since it's been 3 weeks of basic acclimatization.

During this period, start using the incline function. You should set it to a point where you are able to walk/jog while still able to hold a normal conversation with someone. Aim to keep at it for about a week to a fortnight, depending how you feel at first.

Full Steam Ahead!

From now on, it's all about maximizing your workout using intervals. Intervals are done by running really fast for a set duration of time, then jogging slowly for another set of time. You will then repeat this set as many times as possible.

Professional athletes repeat this process till exhaustion, but since you're starting out, try to aim for maybe three sets, and see how you feel. Needless to say, intervals are a great way of spicing up your treadmill workout plan. The best part is that you can always mix and match, change the duration of your fast and slow runs and keep your routine varied and interesting.

By always changing things and keeping things fresh, you're less likely to be bored, and will keep thinking of new ways of challenging yourself and making full use of your fitness equipment, so don't fret!

Do keep in mind that everyone is different, so what may work for you might be boring for someone else, so get too fixated by what others are doing. Yes, you could go into forums and find out more interval workouts, but at the end of the day, this is YOUR treadmill workout plan and you should be proud of it.

I find that sometimes, following routines made by other people frustrates me because I don't like the way they planned it, I don't like the choice of exercise and I don't enjoy the time I've set aside to work out. I'd much rather plan something that is to my liking. Of course, make sure you don't cheat by giving yourself easy number of repetitions and sets. You're cheating no one but yourself.

Final Words From Azri

You don't have to run on a treadmill to succeed. There are even treadmill walking program where people just set their treadmill to the highest incline and walk for one hour. If you like walking, make that a part of your treadmill workout plan! There's nothing wrong with that.

Exercise is just so easy to do and you can achieve your fitness goals. So don't give up, keep moving forward and you'll be amazed at the amount of progress you will eventually make.

Let me know how your treadmill workout plan is helping you!

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