Toe Touches - Touching Your Toes While On Your Back

Toe touches involves you to reach for your toes, except you are lying on your back! It does not involve a huge motion, but don't look down on this exercise. It packs a good punch.

It can be a huge advantage to the fitness of your abdominals if you try adding this workout to your usual fitness routine.

Shall We Begin With Our Toe Touches?

  • Lie on a mat. Raise your legs straight up.

  • Lift your hands up. This is your starting position.

starting position for toe touches

  • Lift your head and shoulders, and use your hands to try and touch your legs.

end position for toe touches

When trying to touch your legs, it can be anywhere. If you are starting out, it could be your thighs or knees. As you improve, try reaching for your shins and ankles!

You might experience some difficulty at this point. If you do, try to reach as high as you can. Do not be discouraged.

  • Hold this position for 3 seconds.

  • Slowly return to starting position.

  • Repeat this entire process another 8 times.

Keep Your Eyes Peeled For The Following...

  • Bend your legs if it is too hard.

To be honest, I cannot straighten my legs for this exercise. I simply don't have the flexibility of a pretzel! It'd be wonderful if you can do it without any problems, but if you can't, bending it a little is fine.

  • Your upper body should be moving, not your lower limbs.

During this workout, you might be tempted to move your legs forward towards you. Do not do that. Keep your legs erect at a right angle to the floor.

You should be lifting your upper body (using your abdominal muscles) as much as you can to try touching your knees, shins, or even better, your ankles. Five stars if you can touch the soles of your feet!

Little Trick To Make Things Tougher!

  • Hold the position for 10 seconds before returning to the starting position.

  • Strive for a greater number of repetitions for the workout!

Final Words From Azri

When you give this exercise a go, you might feel that it doesn't seem too challenging. Even doing more repetitions doesn't seem to tire you out.


You might have been told by some fitness source that you must feel pain before an exercise is effective. This is not always true. An exercise might not hurt but it does not mean that your muscles are not working hard.

So if you feel nothing, good! It means that your core is improving, and you can challenge it further by doing more reps, trying more core workouts, and so on.

Persistence and determination rule.

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