Thank you for writing Groundbreaking Facts About Weight Loss

by Lynn
(New Zealand)

I am writing to let you know that I bought your book the moment you introduced the price reduction to just 9 dollars. I was really happy that it was a lot more affordable and took the chance to purchase it. I've been following your site for quite a while now and I'm truly happy to see that you made an awesome report about weight loss.

When I received the book - the download link worked beautifully, thank you - I was floored to see how much information there was in it for only 9 dollars. There were workout tutorials, tips on eating and planning workouts, there was simply a whole tonne to learn. I could immediately point out some flaws in my own diet and fitness regime after reading a couple of chapters.

No book is perfect, one cannot deny that, but I love how Azri actually wrote about mistakes that people make in weight loss. Every book I have read tells you what you should DO, and never talk about what you should AVOID. Not with this book. There are so many fitness and diet no-no's that I did not know about, but now I do.

Thank you Azri. You are so young and to be helping people like myself at such an age shows you what you can do in the future. I'm looking forward to your next book - I do hope there's more around the corner. I'm a fan of yours. I'm sure there are many others too.

I wrote this to show my support for your work, and to let others know that yes, it is a great book. It has so much information that will help you! There's even a chapter on "Why People Fail". I enjoyed reading that too. Could see myself in that situation a couple of years back.

This book has given me more motivation and empowerment to work on my weight problems. Hopefully it will help you too!


Azri's reply:

Wow, thank you so much for this letter Lynn. The book is full of information and tips for people struggling with their weight issues and I'm glad that you find it helpful.

Emails from readers just like yourself has cemented my faith that I am able to help and continue helping people with fitness problems. I'm glad to know that it has helped you - and I quote - motivate and empower you to take charge of your weight problems. This is the critical first step to ensuring your success.

Do drop by to this site often and share your questions or queries about the ebook or about any fitness concerns you may have. I do enjoy hearing from readers like yourself.

As for a second ebook, I do have plans to write one. Do keep an eye out for it. I aim to have it out before Christmas and it's all about how you can EAT, to LOSE weight. Doesn't that sound awesome?

Once again, thank you Lynn for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. A friend of mine said that everyone needs a little support and motivation every now and then and your letter certainly perked me up.

Take care, and best wishes!

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