Swimming vs. Walking - Which Burns More Calories?

by Chante

Does swimming for the same amount of time as walking burn up more calories?


Azri's reply:

Thank you Chante for your question.

Based on the amount of calories burned from walking as compared to swimming, swimming does indeed burn a larger amount of calories than walking for the same duration of time.

This is the reason why swimming is highly recommended by health professionals for individuals with serious cases of weight problems because jogging and walking could be detrimental to the joints of a particular individual. While some doctors claim that it is easily avoided through consumption of tablets like Glucosamine, I strongly believe that prevention is better than cure.

Of course, one must take care to ensure that you have proper form while swimming laps in order to prevent muscle strains or injuries. It is not necessary to be perfect as though you were competing in the Olympics, though.

Just bear in mind that it is also important to exercise regularly. A person who swims once in a fortnight is going to be far behind than someone who walks every other day. Diligence is key to staying healthy. It does a while to get into a regular routine, but you will reap the benefits.

Discipline is the one of the biggest reasons for failure when someone begins a fitness regime. You do not need to account for anyone but yourself, which is why procrastination sets in so quickly! But I'm sure that you can do it. Do take a look at my article on motivation to exercise.

I hope this helps answer your question!

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