Step Ups - Climbing Stairs Just Got Better!

Step ups is basically an exercise taken from the idea of climbing stairs. For those who make a conscious effort to take the stairs at work every now and then, good on you!

If you havent, then I would tell you that it's better late then never!

You can start taking the stairs to get a feel of how this exercise is like.

Doing Step Ups The Right Way

  • Stand (with your feet shoulder-width apart) behind an object that you will be stepping upon.

start position of step ups

This object can be anything - stool, chair, staircase, road curb - anything that enables you to step up onto it.

  • Step onto the object with your right leg.

first position of step ups

  • Then bring your left leg up.

second position of step ups

  • Go down with your right leg first.

third position of step ups

  • Then bring down your left leg.

end position of step ups

  • Repeat this process for another minute, going up and coming down with your right leg first.

This trains your right leg only. Therefore you will need to repeat the entire process for your left leg. When you are doing the exercise with your left leg, make sure you climb and descend with your left leg first.

Things You Need To Avoid To Prevent Injuries

  • Make sure your movements are slow and focused. Do not rush.

This workout is quite tiring for your joints, so you have to be careful. Risky movements can cause your knee to hurt and swell!

  • Keep your back straight.

Posture needs to be upright, to avoid injuries to the back. Contract your abdominal muscles to help support your back.

  • When you step up, make sure that your entire foot is on the object.

Do not rest only your toes on the object. It can be very painful and cause muscle tears and fractures in your feet.

How Can You Make It Tougher?

Seeking a challenge? I'm here to dish it out to you.

Instead of doing it for only 1 minute as I suggested, plug in your music player, play your favourite song and do this exercise throughout the entire duration.

Since most songs are at least three minutes long, you can be sure to feel the extra "oomph!" in your legs.

Besides that, why not clamp on some weights on your ankles or calves? A friend of mine didn't have weights, so he used homemade bean bags!

My favourite is what I call a boot camp trial. I would start doing this exercise, while playing songs or watching my favourite shows, anything to distract me from the workout. I just keep doing it until I have completed exhausted one leg.

Then I repeat with the other. Yes, it can be pretty tiring, but the endorphin rush you get after that is amazing! However, I suggest that you try this only after you get the hang of exercising, and you can do them pretty comfortably.

Final Words From Azri

You are well on your way to getting shapely, toned legs! Exercising is great fun, rewarding and easy to do. So try this exercise and tell me how it went for you! :D

Try the music tip, I think it works wonders!

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