Skinny legs

I have skinny ankles and calves. What can I do?

Azri's reply

Thank you for your question. Unfortunately, just asking that question is not enough for me to help you. I need to know your current weight, perhaps see a full-frontal picture before I can advice further.

If you are intending to just increase the size of your legs in general, that is similar to spot toning, and I'm afraid that it is not possible. The only possible way for you to help put on some mass on your legs is to gain muscles throughout your entire body. This will enable you to give some additional mass to your leg area. You simply cannot hope to exercise and be able to see results in one region of your body.

Some people also recommend - if you're skinny and desperately want to gain muscle mass - to take mass gainers and whey proteins. Unfortunately, since I do not encourage my readers to do such a thing, I am not able to provide you with further advice about using such products. Perhaps you could visit your nutritionist or GP who can give you a better view since they would know your full body stats and therefore come up with a tailored plan to help you achieve your aim.

In the meantime, while you ponder your decision as to whether you want to simply exercise, or take some supplements, I strongly encourage that you continue exercising and eat well. You will definitely feel good if you're healthy, and that's the first step to improving how you feel about yourself.

Thanks for your question. If you like, you could share with us a photo (through the same form again) and I can give you better advice.

Do take care. Good luck!

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