Sit at computer most of the day & weak hamstrings

by Sandy

I can manage to get out an hour a day for exercise. But in addition to this what kind of exercises can I incorporate during the day while I'm cooking or washing dishes; I spend 80% of my time at the computer sitting down.

Also, I have been afraid to use my body to do toe touches because of a bad back. Can you give me some pointers on doing hamstring exercises (I have an overweight problem and sensitive lower back).

Thank you. I love your tone of writing and you seem so sincere with your advice.

Thank you.

- - -

Azri's reply

First of all, thank you Sandy for your wonderful compliments! Definitely brightened my day.

Basically we have to address two problems, your weight problem and lower back pain. It has been researched that weight problems can be a direct cause of lower back pain and other back related problems. This is probably why it seems much harder for you to try most muscle-building exercises, like toe touches, and so on.

My first suggestion is to stay away from exercises that will make your back pain worse. What we can first do for you is to adjust and take a look at your nutrition first.

Weight loss is 80% nutrition. Many times, people fail to lose weight, even after exercising because they do not take active steps in ensuring that they have a proper diet. So I am going to suggest some tips that you can use.

First, try to have more meals throughout the day. The meals should be much smaller but packed with protein, fibre and have some carbs for energy. Do drink plenty of fluids so that your body is able to cleanse itself. On top of that, make sure that you have fruits and vegetables too.

Stay away from sugary drinks, opt for fruits, avoid oily and fatty foods as they will put weight right back on again.

Of course, don't make this an immediate change. Start it slowly. Maybe you can reduce sweet drinks this week, then try keeping it up for one week, then make another positive change the next week. Slowly make changes, don't go cold turkey on yourself!

Once you have your nutrition down, you can be sure that you will lose weight while cooking, washing, cleaning, you name it!

And once you have slowly lost weight, you can start on some simple exercises. Why not do aerobics at home? There are plenty of aerobic cds that you can download, or purchase and do it from the comfort of your own home.

After that, when your energy levels have increased, get down to doing 4 different exercises: squats, ab crunches, leg raises and push ups. They're wonderful for your entire body.

Keep a workout journal and see your improvements soar!

Keep it up Sandy. And thank you again, for the wonderful compliments! You've truly made my day.

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Sep 04, 2015
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Sep 18, 2010
Unbelievable. You are super!
by: sandy


You broke it down nicely. I am going to take you up on these suggestions and let you know what happens. I can't believe all the doctors I've seen have never put this all together the way you did. You confirmed for me what I think I knew inside.

You know its funny: I'm reading a book about "Perfectionism" by Ann Smith. If you have a kindle check it out(because on Kindle it's free)

After reading your answer I can see how my "perfectionistic" attitude was keeping me from success. We think that a "perfectionist" has it all together; but I fit in the category of it is all(everything right) or nothing(not doing everything).

Azri please check out this book it may help you come up with an approach for those who have this type of dysfunction. I've not seen any tools which explain how our defense mechanisms impeded our success even in developing a fitness plan. This will give me a lot to journal about.

Thanks so much. Look forward to hearing from you on the other question.


Sep 18, 2010
Let me know how this helps, Sandy!
by: Azri

Hey Sandy, I hope that my comments help you with your problem. I'm working on your second question right now! So keep your eyes peeled.

But if you want more help/advice, just drop me another message using the same form, and I'll get cracking on it immediately!

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