Side Crunch - Similar Yet Different

The side crunch is a little different from the usual ab crunches that you might have done. Basically, the motion is a bit different, involving twisting motions.

It targets the sides of your midsection and if done properly will help tone your obliques. The obliques are a set of muscles that run down the side of your abdominal muscles.

As with ab crunches, I'm quite sure you must have done this, after being told that numerous attempts at various crunches will give you a six pack.

However, you now know that exercise goes hand in hand with proper nutrition. I see no reason why you would fail this time.

Get Started With Our First Side Crunch!

  • Lie flat on a mat, with your legs forming a little triangle with the floor.

  • Cup your ears with your hands. Lift your head and shoulders off the floor.

side crunch starting position

  • Bring your left elbow to your right knee. Try to reach for your knee with your elbow.

side crunch first step

  • Return to starting position (flat on the mat).

  • Lift your head and shoulders again, and this time, try reaching for your left knee with your right elbow!

side crunch second step

Once you have touched your knees with both your left and right elbows, you have completed one set of side crunches.

  • Repeat the entire process until you have completed 15 sets of this workout.

Be Sure To Keep The Following In Mind

  • Use a mat whenever you are attempting this workout.

As with other abdominal exercises, you need to cushion your back. Be sure not to forego this safety precaution. I do not want you to suffer from back injuries!

  • Keep your movements slow and steady.

Do not viciously twist your body when you are attempting this exercise. The midsection is a very complex area. Such sudden and violent motions can cause pain in the days following the workout.

  • Avoid pulling your head with your hands.

This keeps repeating, but I strongly feel that I should remind you again. Do not tug or pull your head forward when you are completing each repetition. If you cannot do it, stop and take a break. When you pull your head, it can strain the neck muscles and injure the spine.

How Can You Make It Harder?

  • Increase the number of repetitions of the exercise.

Using weights does not really work well for this workout. The only way you can make things harder is to try increasing the number of times you do this exercise.

This is the one way I recommend to increase the level of intensity. Other methods are too dangerous and can cause various injuries and pain after the workout.

Also remember, quality is better than quantity. Doing 20 poorly done repetitions is worse than doing 10 good ones. So don't beat yourself crazy because you are unable to do as many as your friend.

Do not compare yourself to others. You can become vain or bitter. - Desiderata

Final Words From Azri

Yes, this workout might have been abused a little, when everyone didn't really know that getting a six pack was harder than simply doing endless repetitions of various crunches.

But now that I have empowered you with the right knowledge about fitness, you will hopefully use what you have learnt and improve the quality of your life. Start by slowly working out and then improve your fitness, figure and so on.

The most important thing is to take things slow. There is no quick fix in this world. We'd all be supermodels if there were.

I hope you will get a taste of this workout and use it often!

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