Shoulder Workout - Not Just To Give You Broad Shoulders

Skip introduction and proceed to shoulder workout.

I daresay that there's an eighty percent chance that you have never tried a single shoulder exercise. This is understandable considering how the shoulder is not usually a focus for most of us.

I mean, let's be honest. We train our arms because we want to be stronger, and to be able to lift things easily. We work our legs so that we can jump higher or run faster. The shoulder does not seem to be of importance, as you don't directly use your shoulders.

Well, I have news for you, the shoulder is extremely important. I'll keep you in suspense, but if you insist on reading it first, check out the benefits of supple shoulder muscles.

Various Shoulder Workout You Can Count On!

  • Lateral raises

  • Overhead presses

  • Deltoid forward raises

Know an exercise that you feel should be added to this list? Drop me a message and I'll work on your request as soon as possible!

Benefits Of Working Out Your Shoulders

I can see the gleam in your eyes. You're itching to find out how can regular shoulder workout be beneficial for your body.

The shoulder joint is responsible for the movement of your arms. To support this joint, the shoulder muscles need to be strong and flexible for the arms to be able to move in all sorts of motions.

Unfortunately, the shoulder joint is quite weak, hence it requires a great deal of support, which only comes from regular exercises that help train the shoulder muscles. During the workouts, you also need to be careful of the following:

  • Do not use jerky or uncontrolled movements.

  • Stretch often to ensure that muscles do not tense up as this can lead to injuries. Shoulder injuries limit your arm movements and that is not very pleasant.

Should Injuries Make Or Break You?

As I've previously mentioned, injuries involving the shoulders make the shoulder joint extremely weak and can be made worse if you work out incorrectly.

What you can do before starting a workout routine is to first get advice from your doctor, who might suggest certain stretching exercises. These stretches can help your muscles become more conditioned before you start working out!

Once you get started on some shoulder exercises, I can promise you that if you do it properly, you will strengthen the muscles and prevent future occurrences of such accidents.

Before that, you need to first make a commitment to start working out regularly and practising a healthy lifestyle. :D

Final Words From Azri

You might be surprised at learning about so many new exercises. From realizing that you have exercises for your butt, forearms, now you've learnt that you need to exercise your shoulders!

The human body is amazing if you devote some time and energy to training and strengthening it. If you don't use it you will lose it. Therefore, stand up and get started on your first ever shoulder workout!

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