Ryan Reynolds Workout - What Does This Guy Do?

I got inspired to write about Ryan Reynolds workout after watching "the Proposal". I think he played his character really well, and the chemistry between him and Margaret, played by Sandra Bullock was downright adorable!

But I digress.

I noticed that quite a lot of people wanted to find out how Reynolds train and whether there were any tips they could try to use in their own workouts. I won't highlight exactly which exercises he does, but we will look at his fitness habits.

Fitness Advice From Ryan Reynolds Workout

Lack of cardio

He did not spend time doing any aerobic exercises because he is small-built and wanted to focus on building muscle mass. Therefore, he spent all his time doing weight training.

Azri's note: In my opinion, it would not be wise to totally cut out aerobic exercises. Fitness comes from a mixture of proper nutrition, weight training and aerobic exercises. Neglecting one would really affect you in some way.

While weight training will make you stronger, lack of cardio might mean that you won't have the stamina to engage in high-intensity exercises.

Aerobic exercise is really important to ensure you don't burn out while doing housework, sending your kids to school, or even running for meetings. While Reynold's trainer might claim that it's fine, I really do not think it is a good idea.

Nutritional Tips From Ryan Reynolds Workout

Supplements in his diet

On top of proper nutrition, Reynolds mentioned in his interview that he takes quite a lot of supplements to help him gain more muscles. He has Creatine, takes whey protein, along with conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) and L-glutamine.

Do they sound foreign? If you are not looking for massive muscle gains, then I suggest that you avoid such supplements unless you have gotten advice from a nutritionist or a doctor. Pills are a tricky thing and can mess up your health.

10 meals per day

Another important characteristic of Ryan Reynolds workout is the fact that he has ten meals a day. They are not large meals, but small little meals of perhaps a protein bar and a drink.

Having small meals is really important to ensure that you don't overeat and help your muscles to grow. If you cannot afford the time to prepare so many meals a day, you can choose to start preparing maybe 4 meals this week, and gradually increasing the number.

Once you have hit about 6 meals per day, you're on the right track, so start slow and keep at it!

Final Words From Azri

I'm quite stunned that his workout completely lacks any form of aerobics or cardio. I'm so, very stunned.

Nevertheless, I hope that you will not blindly follow his regime and eliminate aerobics from your workout either. There are plenty of benefits of aerobics, besides just helping you burn fat.

Therefore, take the good advice and sieve out the bad from your workout routine! You can learn from the mistakes of various workouts so that you can achieve success even sooner!

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