Roger Clemens Workout - Baseball Success

Roger Clemens workout is highly sought-after in hopes of improving baseball tactics and skills. Every single baseball enthusiast probably wondered what this legend did to achieve such great success on the field.

Clemens claim to fame was when he started playing in college for his baseball team. His innate talent in this game shone through and he was later given the title of the best college baseball player in America.

Fitness Aspects Of Roger Clemens Workout

Explosive, back to back exercises

Clemens goes for extreme high intensity workouts. He can choose to do one set of squats, then move to another exercise without a single break in between. While this exhausts him easily, it makes for a power-packed workout.

You can keep this in mind when you are working out. Once you have exercised for some time, you can try minimizing the amount of time that you spend resting in between sets. Do not overdo it and listen to your body.

If your muscles are screaming, do not push yourself further. You are bound to get injured.

Intensive cardio

Clemens comes from a family background with a history of heart disease. He therefore works hard in ensuring that his heart is healthy by going for regular runs. He also admits that he clocks extra cardio by running on a treadmill, or using the exercise bike.

Being in such a sport requires stamina, therefore, doing such high-intensity aerobic exercises will definitely improve his stamina, on top of keeping threats of heart diseases away.

Simulation of baseball games

To train for his baseball matches, what Clemens does is to make sure that he practises his pitching skills on the field. He ensures that the speed and intensity of the simulation is on par with an actual match so that he gets a full workout.

Practice makes perfect, and I guess Clemens is an excellent example of a person who doesn't quit and continues improving himself day after day.

Rotator cuff exercises

Due to the nature of baseball and the various movements needed to execute it, a big part of Roger Clemens workout is dedicated to rotator cuff exercises. This helps ensure that he won't get any rotator cuff injuries, one of the most common ones for pitchers on the field.

Nutrition Aspects of Roger Clemens Workout

There were allegations that Clemens abused steroids to boost his performance. While he denied that, he did admit to consuming lidocaine. However, stick to his good nutritional habits.

Having proper meals more scattered throughout the day

Most athletes would have this planned everyday - having more meals around the clock. The meals prepared are much smaller, but they are healthier and often packed with a lot of protein-rich foods. This helps to keep away feelings of hunger.

The unfortunate part is that, it becomes really tedious to prepare so many meals in one day. What you can do is perhaps pack a protein bar for one or two of the meals and you should do just fine.

Supplements on top of a healthy diet

While he may not pop supplements like Arnold Schwarzenegger might have to get such monster gains, Roger Clemens workout also focus on proper supplements. He takes them to help with muscle growth and also joint repair.

Therefore, if you have aching joints, do consult your doctor. Chances are, you need to stock up on glucosamine tablets!

Final Words From Azri

Roger Clemens workout focuses on an additional part of fitness: rotator cuff exercises. This depends on the sport that you do. Sometimes, certain sports places immense strain on a particular joint or muscle group.

Care must be taken to ensure that you train these parts properly to minimize the risk of injuries.

He also has an interesting method of training, which is to simulate baseball matches and to play them through at the same level of intensity of a real game. This can be a really fun way of training because if you enjoy the sport, it is doubtful that you would get bored from working out.

I hope that there were some positive takeaways that you gleaned from this read. Use them in your workout and I'm sure you will benefit in the long run.

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