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by Sandy

Healthy Italian food. Tasty & portions are small.

Healthy Italian food. Tasty & portions are small.

I couldn't help but post a remark in reference to Madeline's post.

Madeline, I know how you feel. But Azri does have some good ideas. I just read his article about low self esteem and I think you'll like that one. I've found that when one is not at optimum fitness levels there is something deeper going on. And I've always found that journaling a way to capture my thoughts.

I had been following the journaling method recommended in the book: The Artist Way by Julia Cameron. I journal each morning: it's called "morning pages". But I never really thought to add things specifically about exercise and my feelings about my body. I'm also exploring literature written by Geneen Roth. You may want to read some of her books as well.

Keep going Madeline. We're going to make it. I truly believe Azri is really concerned about people and fitness; so I've put together a plan from ideas on his website. Eating issues are a big part of fitness and I'm loving the smoothie recipes.

This brings me to another thing I discovered: eating does not have to be just about "denial" of goodies; but forming new foods which are healthier and tasty.

I've been working on salad recipes lately and for one of my salad recipes, I add a just a few nuts & raisins (just a little that is all you need) to my greens and other veggies you like with a little blue cheese and homemade italian dressing (mixture of vinegar and oil & add spices you like to the mixture). It is so good.

Check out healthy italian recipes which are good for the heart and health. That was the influence for my salad recipe.

Azri's reply:

Hello Sandy! You are always such a giving person! Thank you for your contribution as well as helping another reader with her problems.

First of all, I am truly touched when you mentioned that:

I truly believe Azri is really concerned about people and fitness.

It makes me feel warm and happy. I'm really glad to know that my work is actually reaching out to people every day and they love what I have to offer on my site!

Yes, journaling is VERY powerful. It's not just for you to reflect about your day, but to set goals for the future and to help you plan out your course of action in achieving those goals. I love writing journal entries because they can be about anything. It's a time dedicated for you!

I'm also glad that you like my section on healthy smoothie recipes! I had a lot of fun trying new recipes and preparing them for readers like you. To know that you enjoyed them means that I did something right!

Thank you Sandy, and Madeline for your wonderful stories. Your posts are going to be an inspiration and a source of motivation for other individuals out there struggling with weight issues. I truly love each contribution every visitor gives me. I can never get tired of the warm feeling that comes from having touched someone's heart.

Thank you again. Best wishes.

Webmaster of Exercise For Beginners

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