Plank Exercises - Another Stationary Exercise

Plank exercises is another popular exercise for the midsection. I used to think that it was quite pointless to try, but I was wrong.

Doing it for ten repetitions is enough to get your abdominals working and your heartbeat up!

Having said that, if you think you can do a few more, go ahead. :D Your hard work and effort will pay off.

Let's Learn How To Do Plank Exercises!

  • Lie down on your stomach, as you might do on the beach. Clasp your hands together.

  • Squeeze your abdominals and push your upper body up off the floor, supporting yourself using your forearms and toes.

Make sure that your elbows and shoulders are in a straight line, perpendicular to the floor.

  • Hold the position for 15 seconds and then slowly lower your hips to the floor again. Repeat exercise for another 8 more repetitions.

What You Need To Look Out For

  • Do not lift your hips too high off the ground.

Your head, neck, back and legs should be in a straight line.

  • Look down at your hands during the exercise.

Do not move your head during the exercise. Looking elsewhere can strain your neck.

  • Avoid arching your back or shoulders.

This will cause muscle strains. Always remind yourself to keep your head, neck, back and legs in a straight line. It is very important.

  • Breathe normally.

Do not hold your breath during the exercise.

Tips On Making Exercise Tougher

  • Instead of holding the exercise for only 15 seconds, why not increase it to 30 seconds or even a minute?

Longer durations of this workout can be really great on your abdominals. Remember to increase the intensity slowly, to prevent yourself from getting injuries.

Final Words From Azri

I like this exercise because it is easy - not a lot of movements required - yet pretty effective too.

I find the other abdominal exercises rather boring too. I can do planks and listen to music without my earphones falling off!

Try it out, maybe in the morning after you get out of bed. It will be a wonderful "perk-me-up"!

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