Orlistat weight loss pills

by Colby

Hi, what's your opinion on Orlistat weight loss pill?

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Azri's reply:

Hello Colby, thank you for your question. First of all, Orlistat weight loss pills are one of the most popular weight loss products on the market now, according to various news sources like BBC.

Unfortunately, my viewpoint on this matter remains unchanged.

There is no substitute for a healthy lifestyle.

First of all, I am against suggesting weight loss pills to readers because of fear that these products can contain toxins that might damage our health in the long run. In Singapore for example, a product called Slim 10 caused the death of a person and later caused a prominent local celebrity to suffer from liver failure.

The problem is, if we take a closer look at the directions on the labels of such products, it would say something along the lines of:

Best used when combined with exercise and a healthy diet.

This goes to show that no matter what, there is no replacement to a healthier lifestyle. Research has proven that if a person stops drinking one can of sweet drinks per week, he can lose 8 kilograms in a year. Imagine if a person starts to slowly (but actively) remove sweet and oily foods from his diet? The results can be outstanding.

Colby, I do not know if you have a weight problem, but my viewpoint on Orlistat weight loss pills and various other products will not change. I would want anyone I know - regardless of whether they are a visitor to this website, or a friend I know personally - to lose weight the right way, which is through proper eating habits and a more active lifestyle.

Life is too short to suffer from a lifelong illness. I strongly believe that by just having a good form of activity like sports every now and then is more beneficial than popping pills.

I do hope this helps, and I am sorry if my honest views are hurtful in any way. I believe in being honest, and wanted to highlight that pills can be dangerous to our health.

Take care and have a fruitful year ahead! Thanks again for dropping by my website.


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Feb 03, 2011
What about diet pill? research all diet pills
by: sandy

To the poster about Orlistat;

Medicine dot net has information about this diet pills. My personal opinion, before taking any pill, is to do your research and discuss with your doctor. I have enclosed a link to a website which gives information including side effects for this pill: http://www.medicinenet.com/orlistat-oral/article.htm

Please see the contraindications and the side effects. These pill can cause some serious problems for some people.

Buyer beware. Research, talk to your doctor and then make a decision.

I think it is great you took the time to ask the webmaster because that indicates you are willing to research before taking any drug.

Good luck with your weight loss.

P.S: one of the things I've gotten from this website is how important nutrition is for energy. Exercise and energy from natural food is a great combination.

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