My dream is to become a bodybuilder

I am a 29 year old and my dream is to become a bodybuilder. I am wondering whether at this age is it possible or it going to effect my health. I used to exercise when I was 23 and I did normal workouts. When I got married, I stopped exercising and always wanted to gym, but never kept a proper gym routine.

I also want to know how to increase my weight. I am currently 60kg. When is the best time to exercise? Currently, I am exercising early in the morning, usually around 5am.



Azri's reply:

Hello Rahul, thank you for your question. It is hard for me to say whether it would affect your health because it is dependent on several factors. First of all, do you want to become a normal, lean bodybuilder, or do you intend to build yourself up to the level of more competitive bodybuilder. For example, do you want to build yourself up to the level of actor Ryan Reynolds, or do you want to be like Arnold Schwarzenegger?

Another thing you need to understand is the pace of your training would determine whether it would affect your health or not. The reason is because, someone who does it consistently over six months is less likely to get injured as compared to someone who forces himself to train within three months. Therefore, the timeframe of your goals is also critical in ensuring that your health is not adversely affected.

The type of exercises really doesn't matter. For example, if you want to train your upper body, you can do pull ups and still train all the muscles in your upper body. Going to the gym is not completely necessary. However, many people still feel that it is only possible to be fit if you visit a gym.

As for time of exercise, there are a few suggestions for this. Some people feel that it is best to exercise in the morning, while others feel that it is best to exercise 2 hours before bed. Either way it is effective to exercise during this time because it burns most fat and builds most muscles during this period. Perhaps choose the time that works best for you. Even if it is not convenient for you to exercise in the morning or before bed, you can still exercise anytime in the day and reap the benefits.

As for weight gain, I am not a big fan of recommending weight gain products to my readers. You could refer to your general practitioner for more advice on weight gain products. However, I feel that with proper exercise and diet, you can also gain weight by building more muscle mass.

I really hope that this advice helps.

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