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Multi station home gyms are a popular topic among men, simply because they feel that it's essential for them in order to achieve their desired fitness levels. Women, on the other hand, are afraid of such machines because they feel that spending just ten minutes on one would cause them to morph into a hulking figure just like female bodybuilders on television.

Men usually prefer this machine because they are free weight home gyms, in the sense that the weights are adjustable, and therefore, they can easily adjust the intensity of their workout with a simple change in the number of weights, as opposed to buying fixed weights.

On top of that, the phrase "multi station" makes them feel that it is a worth investment, since from one machine, you are able to work out different muscle groups and get a good workout from it. There are even models where you can assemble and disassemble new parts, which means that the machine can constantly keep changing to fit your routine, at a cost of course.

A very, very, pricey cost. Such multi station home gyms don't come with affordable price tags.

My View Of Multi Station Home Gyms

My honest opinion? If you can afford such a price tag, why not use the money for petrol and drive to your local gym to use the machine there. Plus, you're not able to use such a machine daily, since your muscle requires rest before the next workout.

I simply feel that a machine that you cannot use daily is not a worth investment, which is why I feel that the best form of exercise equipment that you should consider buying are the mini treadmill and the elliptical exercise machines.

To the men out there, if you feel that you need this machine for a good workout, then you are wrong. When I conducted a survey offline about why men go to the gym, they said that they could carry weights and build a nice shoulder/back/arms. Basically, they felt that the machine could help them achieve an attractive torso.

However, if that is your primary motivation of going to the gym, then why not just get a pull up bar, stick it between your doorframe and do pull ups every night? If that doesn't increase the width of your shoulders, make your back more impressive and muscular and give a more defined chest, then you are doing something wrongly.

Your main reason for going to the gym is because you need a proper fitness environment to stay motivated to exercise or because you want to workout with friends the same environment. Your reasons should not be because of using a particular machine. After a while, you might get bored of that machine and you will lose your drive of staying motivated to exercise.

Honestly though, if you really like the machine and you feel that the price is within your budget, I think that it's a good purchase, because of the flexibility that this machine provides you with. Getting a decent model means that you can change what your multi station home gyms consist of, and what stations it will have, depending on your likes or dislikes.

Fitness community forums also might have a used home gyms section where people are willing to trade or sell their used home gym parts for a much cheaper price. However, don't be too swayed by a lower price tags. Be vigilant when making your purchase and keep your eyes open to signs of damage to joints and other issues that could a pose a threat to your safety.

There is no price tag to your health, so guard it and make wise decisions when it comes to your fitness equipment. There is nothing wrong with wanting to construct cheap home gyms but when you're looking at multi station home gyms, most people would claim that the price is a little too steep.

Some Precautionary Measures To Take

When building a home gym, you need to not just be mindful of space constraints, but also safety. Make sure to read the safety manual about putting together your home gym, and seek for help from the company if you're uncertain. Some brands provide installation services for an additional fee, and I strongly recommend you take up this offer, as professionals would put together your home gym.

Observe them carefully and be unabashed about asking questions. This will allow you to have the technical know-how and understanding of how you can disassemble and add a new station should you choose to do so.

After you have your multi station home gyms all set up, be sure not to rush into doing your exercise. Find exercise videos on YouTube - assuming that you don't have a detailed manual on performing exercises - and learn how you can safely perform your exercise without getting injured. So many people rush during this stage because they are in the excitement stage. Once they get injured, they find that they don't use the machine as much anymore.

Final Words From Azri

All in all, be sure to be careful and make sure that you are knowledgeable (whether about putting the machine together, taking it apart or performing exercises on it) about multi station home gyms before you do anything.

Also be sure that if you have little children in the house when your relations visit, keep an eye out for those little fingers and where they reach. Most accidents involving fitness machines usually involve kids that were not under parental supervision. Let's all prevent accidents and exercise and be happy.

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