Leg Workouts - Don't Neglect Them!

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Leg workouts can help you achieve strong, lean legs. Many people neglect them, focusing on their arms and abs. They possess what I call "chicken legs"! Think large arms and chest, and twig-like lower limbs.

It's not exactly appealing, is it? But keep your eyes peeled when you're out doing grocery shopping or playing some sports. You would be surprised at how many people are guilty of having huge torsos, but lanky legs.

I enjoy leg workouts most because I love sporting toned legs! Such exercises can also be varied and diverse. Activities like dancing and walking work directly on your thigh and calf muscles.

Don't feel overwhelmed when it comes to exercising your legs. Going out for a walk? Bring a pedometer along, to keep track of your distance. Feel like clubbing? Make sure you are drenched in your perspiration! The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

Exercising Your Legs

Besides doing normal activities like walking and swimming, you should also focus on some strength exercises for the legs. These exercises make your leg muscles stronger.

Also be sure to check out what I feel are the best leg exercises!

Building muscles is also the best solution to burn fat, so do not take strength exercises lightly.

Many people tend to forget this and focus only on aerobic exercise which would be more effective if you also did strength exercises.

Benefits Of Having Strong Legs

Strong leg muscles can be beneficial to you in many ways. From being able to run for the bus to enjoying dancing (I'm sorry but I absolutely love dancing) for longer periods of time, you will not regret training those long, gorgeous legs.

On top of that, our legs are supporting our entire body weight when we stand, walk and run. You need to do exercises to keep your legs fit!

Individuals who are heavier might experience knee and ankle pains because there is too much stress on the legs and their muscles are not strong enough to support their body weight. Doing leg workouts will solve this problem.

Injuries And Exercise

What if you suffer from injuries? I have runner's knee, which is a condition whereby the kneecap rubs against the thigh bone. It can be very painful!

The leg workouts that I do help strengthen the muscles around my knee, so that the pain is not as intense.

Please note, to check with your doctor first before you try any exercises if you do have injuries.

I took a chance with my injury, because I love exercising. I also ensured that I used knee guards as per my doctor's instructions. However, I am not a qualified professional to give you an "all-clear" signal if you have an injury.

Again, I want to remind you, please seek medical advice from your doctor if you do have an injury.

Final Words From Azri

Many people like to skip doing leg workouts because they are so focused on their upper bodies. They want to have great arms and chest, so they concentrate hours and hours of training on upper body exercises.

I think it is important for you to understand that exercise needs to be balanced. No one part of your body is less or more important than the others.

Some might say that it is a lot, but exercise is simple and does not take more than an hour a day! For me, I take about half an hour to 45 minutes, depending on how much time I have that day. Don't worry, I will show you how to best plan your workout routines.

For now, try the exercises and see how effective they are. You will feel the muscles that you have neglected in your legs become energized and refreshed!

Bottomline, work that lower body! You will not regret it, ever! ;D

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