Leg Scissors - Cut Those Abdominals Well!

Leg scissors add another edge of exercise to building strong abdominals. It is a workout consisting of two movements, horizontal and vertical leg motions that really work on your core.

The good thing about this choice of workout is that it helps to focus on the lower abdominal muscles that can get neglected if you only choose to do normal ab crunches.

Let's Get Down To Doing Some Leg Exercises, Shall We?

  • Lie down on a mat. Keep your hands on your side.

  • Raise your legs off the floor, making sure they are shoulder width apart.

starting position of leg scissors

  • Start vertical scissoring.

  • Raise your left leg up while bringing down your right leg.

leg scissors vertical scissoring

  • Raise your right leg and bring your left leg down.

leg scissors vertical scissoring 2

  • Continue doing vertical scissoring for 15 seconds.

  • Stop vertical scissoring and begin horizontal scissoring.

  • Criss-cross your legs. First, right leg over left.

leg scissors horizontal scissoring

  • Then left over right.

leg scissors horizontal scissoring 2

  • Continue doing horizontal scissoring for another 15 seconds.

What You Should Look Out For...

  • Keep your back flat on the exercise mat.

Do not arch your back during the exercise because it can cause lower back pains and strains.

  • Do not force yourself to complete 15 seconds of scissoring if you cannot do it.

Start slow, if you have not been working your abdominals, they need some time to warm up to such workouts. Do not be discouraged, be slow and steady and you will get there.

  • Be swift, but watch yourself.

Yes, you can do your scissoring a little faster, but that does not mean that you zoom through the entire process.

Going too fast does not help your muscles and can cause injuries, so if you are struggling, perhaps cut down the timing to 5 seconds even. The important thing is to be consistent and determined.

Shall We Up The Difficulty?

For those who have gotten comfortable to my suggested timing of 15 seconds, and want to challenge yourself further, I have two little (but effective) tips.

  • Double the duration of each scissoring.

Half a minute of vertical scissoring and another half for horizontal ones! You sure will feel those abs waking up.

  • Clamp on some weights to your ankles!

For the truly strong willed, you can try putting on some weights and try doing this exercise. You will surely feel a huge difference!

Final Words From Azri

This is a pretty neat workout, but not many know about vertical scissoring. What I am aware is that most people do horizontal ones alone.

Now that you are better aware about this great exercise, go give it a shot. Remember what Yoda said?

"Do or do not. There is no try."

Quite apt, yes? You can do it! I believe you can!

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