Jump Rope Workouts - Aerobics Made Easy!

Jump rope workouts are another possible form of aerobic exercises that you can consider to add on to your current workout routine. Spicing up your workout is critical to ensure you remain motivated to exercise, don't you agree?

I chanced upon this sometime ago, but didn't realize how good it could be. You see, for a particular station of the physical fitness test I was sitting for, I had to jump a static long jump. Basically, stand straight, swing my arms and jump as far as I possibly could.

Well, thanks to a suggestion from a friend and a colleague at work, while I used to have a problem with this particular jumping test, I no longer suffer from it. I had to train of course. I spent quite a bit of time three days in a week to jump rope and did loads of squats and step ups.

You might scoff and say that you do not want to do jump rope workouts because, you don't have such a physical fitness test. Despite that, this is a great workout that burns a lot of calories, and doesn't seem to get boring, if you know don't mind a little challenge.

What Are Jump Rope Workouts?

Jump rope, skipping rope.. There are quite a few terms to describe this particular activity. But basically, the concept is to swing a rope above your head and below your feet. So you have to jump after every complete revolution.

Enthusiasts of this sport have then created various challenges. First is the double, where you jump once but quickly complete two revolutions. Second is the cross, where you cross your arms and jump rope without getting tangled up.

There are all sorts of variations and moves you can try.

Different Versions Of Jump Ropes

Before you can attempt jump rope workouts, you need to arm yourself with a jump rope. There are different versions, from the old-school rope to the recent rubberized version.

If you intend to jump rope as per normal and refuse to challenge yourself for fear of injuries, a classic rope version would serve you just fine. However, due to the nature of the fibre, it might not be as easy to jump.

My personal favourite is the rubberized version. My parents probably regretted this when they got it for me at 7, as I ran around the house jumping rope. The rubberized version is rather dangerous because if you jump rope pretty fast and someone crosses your path, it CAN HURT.

Trust me, I've been there.

But roughhousing aside, I think that my parents were pretty happy seeing me being happy and active. Which parent wouldn't?

Now, please don't think I can do crazy stunts and the tough variations of jump rope. I just do normal jumping, minus the cross, doubles, and whatever else jump rope enthusiasts do. I tried doing a cross before and got close to demolishing the chandelier in my living room.

My father's livid expression put an end to my failed experiments.

How Do You Do Jump Rope Workouts?

This really depends. You could always set aside some time in a day, maybe ten to twenty minutes and try to jump rope as best you can.

It can get boring, so you can turn on your favourite shows on the television and distract yourself while doing jump rope. Who knows, maybe watching Bionic Woman, Gossip Girl or Golden Girls can push you to do the workout for even longer periods of time!

Side note: Those are some of my favourite shows. I want to get my hands on Bionic Woman! I miss that show terribly. Though my mom would grunt and say that MacGyver is her first lover.

Final Words From Azri

Jump rope workouts can be an excellent way of getting your heart pumping and working out. It's also a cheap activity! Most jump ropes are inexpensive, unless you go for whistles and bells with your jump rope, but I think that that's highly unlikely.

All in all, I think that this is a workout that you should look into. Don't you agree?

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