John Cena Workout - A Glimpse Into Bodybuilding

Discussing John Cena workout will actually give you a glimpse into the world of bodybuilding. Bodybuilding is a very well-known concept and I don't know whether you have ever thought about it, but it sure is gaining in popularity among youths today.

Except myself, perhaps.

John Cena claim to fame would probably be the years he spent as a professional wrestler at WWE. His killer moves gained him even more respect in the wrestling ring.

Besides being a professional wrestler, John Cena is also an enthusiast of hip hop music, having launched his first solo album in 2005.

Before wrestling and composing music, Cena first started working out when he was 15, after being bullied by older kids in his school for being small. He sure took fitness seriously, because by the time he was 16, he gained 100 pounds!

So let's learn about John Cena workout, now shall we?

John Cena Workout: Nutrition

Food and proper nutrition is most important, without which, no amount of exercise can help you. I'm sure if you have taken a look at flat stomach facts, you would have realized that it is not the exercises that are not effective, it's actually improper nutrition.

Smaller More Frequent Meals

In his latest interviews, Cena talks about how he tries to break down his meals as much as possible, on top of making sure that he has lots of proteins and fibre. Breaking down meals is very effective in making you feel full for a longer period of time, so you won't feel the need to snack often.

This is something you should try to follow if you are having problems cutting down on your food intake. Have smaller, more protein-rich meals throughout the day. If you usually have three meals, strive for 5 or 6.

It might seem troublesome to prepare, but once it becomes a habit, you won't complain about it at all. In fact, you might be encouraged to do it even more when you realize that you are consuming lesser food every day.

He also takes care to ensure that he does have too much sugar in his meals, and stays clear of fatty and oily food. This is to prevent himself from consuming unnecessary calories.

Health Supplements

Besides having proper meals, a critical part of John Cena workout would be the supplements that he takes every day. He might not talk about it, but I'm sure that weight gainers and protein supplements make a big part of his regiment.

After all, gaining 100 pounds in one year would not be possible without some divine intervention from whey protein and other mass boosting products.

I shall be honest with you. I'm not a big fan of most supplements. I mean, vitamin C tablets and multivitamin capsules are fine, but bulking up your body artificially just seems scary. However, if you really want to go forth with bulking up like Cena, do consult your doctor.

Fitness Aspect Of John Cena Workout

Cena admits that he works out strictly for performance and told magazines in various interviews that he works out 6 to 7 days per week!

Spending such an amount of time on his physical fitness, you can be sure that his muscles are not only strong, but they are toned and defined too! Cena chooses to run as part of his aerobic activity. He runs pretty often, clocking quite a few miles each time. While you might want to follow in Cena's footsteps, choose which aerobic activity you love most. The best aerobic activity is the one you love most!

As part of his muscle strength training, he enjoys doing power lifting in the gym. These moves are done by professional weightlifters so please do not try this on your own without supervision or a proper coach.

At the end of the day, you can achieve fitness by doing regular exercise. But if you want to supersize yourself to become like him, find a personal coach who can create a similar John Cena workout for you.

Please do not attempt to create one yourself. Weightlifting and bodybuilding is a complex sport. Lifting weights can easily cause injuries. You will need a professional to give you proper guidance.

Final Words From Azri

You now have a glimpse into John Cena workout. He has been training since he was fifteen, so if you decide to embark on a similar journey of physical fitness, it won't come easily. You need to understand that it will take dedication, determination and you have to commit a lot of time.

However, if you stick with your goals and work hard, I'm sure you will achieve results. So never give up and if you do decide to do bodybuilding or weightlifting, please remember to get a certified fitness coach.

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