I have Hereditary Motor and Sensory Neuropathy type 2 and I don't know how to improve physical fitness

by Rehan

Hello my friend, I am feeling weaker every day.

Actually I am suffering from Hereditary Motor and Sensory Neuropathy Type 2 disease which makes me useless in all physical activity. Actually I'm unable to do any workouts nor walk and run. I can do some activity for a while and that's it.

Please suggest me a good answer.


Azri's reply:

Hello Rehan. Before I answer your question, I just need to help explain your story to other readers of this website. I understand that (please correct me if I'm wrong) Hereditary Motor and Sensory Neuropathy is also known as Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease which is a condition of progressive muscle degeneration and loss of senses across the body, yes?

First of all, thank you for sharing your story. Secondly, I want you to know that you are so very blessed. The fact that you're able to type this message to this website, and share your story shows how blessed and amazing you are as a person. The very first thing I hope that you would do for yourself is to be thankful about everything you have, right now.

This is so important because in the field of medicine, physical fitness and health, every day, experts are finding out more and more of the power of the mind and soul in recovery. You need to feel good before you can recover. I know it's difficult. We're so conditioned to worry, to be afraid, to be scared, that we forget to see what we have and how blessed we are.

So I want you to start now. Look around you and be thankful for everything. Be thankful for your sense of sight, being able to smell and taste. Be thankful for the friends and family you have, the friends you are GOING to make, the experiences that you are going to encounter. Start trying and really making sure that you find the positives in things all around you.

I know it sounds rather silly, but terminally ill patients have done it, and completely recovered. I used to be cynical, but after applying it to my life, it has done wonders for me, and I believe it can do that for you too.

My personal experience with chronic pain

When I was around 17-18, I started experiencing throbbing pains in my both my knees. I didn't know what it was, except that it was crippling me (literally) in physical education classes. I was also afraid to tell the people around me, since I didn't know what it was and I didn't want my parents to think I was trying to wimp out of PE classes.

When I was 19 I finally (at the constant urging of my close friend) went to a doctor that diagnosed it as inter-patella tendonitis, which would require further treatment. Being a financially strapped student I kept it to myself once again.

Then I was enlisted into the military for compulsory military training. It was horrible. I remember trying so hard to distract myself just so I could cope with the pain. One time it got so bad, that I went to the military hospital for help and they dismissed me saying that I was faking it.


So I started really trying to adapt to it. Being in fitness I know how many people struggle to even walk, some can't even get out of bed. I started being more thankful and appreciating my condition with love and thanks.

Besides that, I began focusing on strengthening my knees. I worked out secretly at first, trying to strengthen my knees and the supporting muscles around it. I started climbing stairs slowly. It was tough at first, but I started getting stronger, and for some reason, the pain just disappeared after a while.

Now, I'm not sure what happened, but what I do know is that, once I started shifting my perspective AS WELL AS putting in effort to improving my life, slowly, one step at a time, things started to improve as well.

To sum it all up

So my message to you, don't give up! Keep finding reasons to smile, keep finding small little ways to challenge yourself. Don't compare yourself to others, compare yourself to you.

Also, the fact that you're able to walk or run for short distances is amazing! Hold on to the faith that you can be healthy, keep being grateful and thankful. I strongly suggest that you ask your doctor for advice as to whether you should exercise and use it wisely. Do not risk your health. Regardless of what your doctor says, I hope you will start being even more happy and hopeful. You're going to experience a whole lot of changes.

Trust me, its going to take quite some effort, but I know you can do it. Once you start feeling better about yourself, your health can improve and you'll be another testimony to the hundreds of thousands of people who are experiencing a dramatic change in their lives after changing their mindset.

A philosopher once said "incurable means curable from within".

I know you can do it Rehan. Keep me posted please? I do hope this has helped you and that I'll hear from you real soon. Love yourself, believe in yourself.

I salute you, for your courage and strength to share this story with everyone. And once again, thank you for stopping by.

Loads of love,

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