Learn How To Burn Fat Quickly With These Amazing Tips

How to burn fat quickly is a question that so many people want to know. I mean, we definitely want to start seeing, or at least, feeling results from the start, don't we?

It is important for you to make sure that you're doing what is right for you and your body, so that you do not end up discouraged and demoralised. The problem is, there is such a huge amount of different information out there, that it can get really overwhelming. So where do you begin?

Achieving a Fat Burning Mindset

For so long, "experts" have been telling men, women, boys and girls that to burn fat effectively, all you have to do is simply exercise a lot, eat lesser and just wait for results to happen.

Unfortunately, there is more and more scientific evidence that shows that this alone is not enough. Yes, it is important to exercise. Yes, you need to be mindful of what you eat. However, just paying attention to your exercise and the things you eat is just part of the overall battle.

You need to start paying attention to the voice inside your head. That voice, whether you call it the "inner you", your "conscience", your "other buddy" is the ingredient that will make or break you.

Let me give you a scenario. A person who is confident and believes in himself will wake up and tell himself (or herself) that he is beautiful, that he is good-looking, that he is becoming even more dashing with each passing day.

A person who is negative will think that he (or she) is ugly, is fat, and is looking worse with each passing day.

This difference in mindset is the reason why the more positive, more confident person will be able to burn fat quickly and look even more stunning, while the other individual who is stuck in self-criticism and negativity will always gain weight, struggle with health issues and never achieve a positive change in his or her life.

You can't expect a positive change, by being negative. You have to be positive, to bring about positive changes into your life.

It's not something that is easy for me to explain in words. But try it for yourself. Wake up and say, I'm beautiful, I'm growing even more ravishing with each passing day. My body is becoming healthier all the time, I'm desirable, I'm gorgeous.

Whatever that makes you feel good. You will realise how different you and your body respond to exercise.

Yes it will take some time, it will take some effort on your part, but it is so very critical that you learn this, so that you can start to master the technique of how to burn fat quickly.

Being more active in your lifestyle

I'm sure you've heard the saying "remember to exercise 3 times a week, for 20 minutes each".

That is unfortunately, another old and outdated fitness advice.

Let me give you a scenario, if a person is eating a lot of food and all he does is sit at his desk from 8-5, exercising thrice a week for 20 minutes each time is not going to help him at all. He is going to be demoralised and frustrated, blaming these "experts" for feeding him a myth.

That saying was a guideline, but I'd like to tell you that a more important approach is to be more active. Most people underestimate the power of being more active in their desire to learn how to burn fat quickly.

This is so much more useful to you, in your quest to burning fat quickly and achieving the body that you desire.

Be more active in your daily lifestyle. Do you enjoy watching the television? Why not arrange your television set such that you have to stand to watch it, then just clap and walk from side to side as you watch your favourite show. You won't believe how much you will burn from doing that.

Do you spend a lot of time watching YouTube videos? Perhaps you enjoy watching music videos? Instead of sitting there and admiring the moves, why not learn the moves and dance along? You would again burn a lot of fat instead of just sitting down and merely watching the video from start to end.

Perhaps you work at a desk-bound job. Being desk-bound does not mean that you are unable to be more active. Do some jumping jacks, or challenge yourself to doing some push ups every time the clock strikes the hour, maybe even engage your colleagues to do some fitness routine together, and get fit and healthy together!

When you are more active every single day, and add in a couple of exercise sessions here and there, you will be amazed at how the pounds just drop off you. The key thing is to really find ways to get yourself moving at every point of the day.

Paying attention to your food and water

Want to know how to burn fat quickly? Oh, eat less food, the end.

Once again, outdated advice.

Yes you need to pay attention to your food but how? Well, simply start by first observing what you eat. Eat as what you would eat on a day-to-day basis but this time, record it all down in a food diary.

Then take a look at it after 3 days. You will be amazed at the amount of food that you abuse. Perhaps it's the chocolate, or the cups of coffee, or the chips and junk food.

This is the point where you start to make small changes to your diet. Remove the amount of unhealthy food by 10% and keep at it for a week or two weeks. Make sure you don't have any hunger pangs. If you feel fine, then cut down by another 10% and keep at that level for another 2 weeks.

The key is to minimise the unhealthy food. You don't have to completely remove it. It is okay, I repeat, it is alright for you to eat chocolate, or cake, or have a cup of sweet drink. The issue here is not the type of food you're eating, but rather the amount. If you have a glass of sweet drink a day is perfectly fine, but drinking a bottle per day is a call for concern.

Which brings me to the final part. Drinking water. With temperatures rising all over the world, water is such a key ingredient to losing weight, gaining muscles and being healthy.

You need 6-8 glasses of plain water a day to be healthy. More glasses if you're in a humid, hot or tropical climate. There're even studies that show that 8 glasses is minimum per day.

These 6-8 glasses strictly refer to plain water. If you have 3 glasses of coffee a day, it does not mean that it offsets the number of glasses of plain water you need.

One more critical issue. If you're hungry, before reaching for a plate of food, drink a cup of water first. Usually, you feel hungry not from lack of food, but from lack of plain water. Remember, plain water!

Final Words from Azri

These are key ingredients in your quest to mastering how to burn fat quickly. You start by working on your mindset, then being more active, regardless of where you are, and finally, revising the things you eat and the amount of water you drink per day.

Start it out right now, you'll be amazed at the difference you feel. There are a lot of other tips that help you to burn fat quickly, but I'll need to write a book for that (which is in the works right now!).

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