Home Teen Workouts - Get Lean In Your Room!

Want to learn more about home teen workouts? Chances are, you are a teenager who's got tired of hitting the gym, where no one seems serious about fitness. Worse, it seems to only be a pick-up scene!

Perhaps you are like me? Wanting to stay fit and healthy but simply too conscious to go to the gym, where users seem to be more interested in showing off the amount of weights they can bench press instead of making every rep count.

Either way, do not worry because there are home teen workouts you can do, friendly, easy to do workouts that do not require anything at all! I'm talking about body weight exercises.

Glimpse Into Body Weight Exercises

Body weight exercises are basically workouts that train your muscles using your body weight. Examples would be push ups, that train your arms and chest by using your upper body weight.

Research into this type of exercises have shown that they are extremely effective in targeting your muscles and work better than the typical machine based workouts that you find in the gyms. Therefore, it could be a blessing for you to exercise at home.

Why am I such a fan of these form of exercises? The reason is because at home, you might not have access to weights, and not every household has a mini gym. Doing body weight exercises is your answer to staying lean and fit without having to commute to the nearby gym.

Achieving Physical Fitness With Home Teen Workouts

You will need to know of certain exercises that can help to train all the muscles in your entire body. While you might have seen other variations be it on YouTube or other fitness websites, the ones I suggest here are easily the best!

Push ups

This is a great exercise for your arms, back and chest. Absolutely the best. You might have seen various push ups versions shown online, but the traditional push ups or diamond push ups are beyond effective.

Pull ups

Want hot arms to show when you wear sleeveless tops? Do more pull ups and you will achieve them. Besides working your arms, it also tones your chest, back and also your abdominals. For ladies, you can try the inclined pull-ups.

No excuses for you genteel women! :D

Ab crunches

The truth remains unchanged: the best exercise for your abdominals is ab crunches, but it won't necessarily give you a gorgeous six pack, unless you combine exercise with a sensible diet.

Leg raises

This helps target the one area that ab crunches doesn’t help with, the lower abdomen. Many people get lower abdominal bloating and this can be ease by doing leg raises. Again, you need to have a proper diet!


The best exercise you can possibly do for your legs. Do as much of these and you can be sure that you be jumping further! Studies are being conducted about squats and its effects on other muscles in the body.

Who knows squats train more than just your legs!

Home Teen Workouts For You

As I always suggest, never blindly copy the suggestions I make here. You can follow them at first, but always try to plan your own routines as what I suggest is not a one-size-fits-all. You know your body best and you can tailor suit the routine to suit your needs.

Perhaps you have much stronger arms but weaker legs, so you might need to adjust the number of repetitions accordingly. Do so! The best person who can decide what is best for yourself is, YOU!

Final Words From Azri

I hope you will come to love home teen workouts as much as I do. I have been doing them for like 6 years now, having gotten a major phobia of going to gyms. Please understand that I have nothing against gyms, I just feel that it might not be productive as working out at home.

Do try to come up with your own routine and see how you can challenge yourself every day. On top of that, if you feel like you want some variations, there are plenty of such sources online.

Give it a go and tell me how you enjoy exercising at home!

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