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The home rowing machine shows me how much the fitness industry has changed, and how companies want more individuals to get into living a healthier lifestyle. They introduce various machines that mimic various hobbies like cycling and now meet the new kid on the block: indoor rowing machines.

For those who enjoy canoeing, kayaking or white water rafting, this concept of rowing might not be anything new. However, these rowing fitness machines simply emulate the motions that one has to execute when he or she is canoeing or kayaking. What is interesting is that, you're rowing in the comfort of your own home.

There are no risks of dangerous water currents and you don't have to take into account weather conditions for the day.

I have to be honest with you. I didn't know of the existence of such a home rowing machine. It was only until recently when a friend of mine who is a canoe enthusiast, started complaining to me that my exercise equipment review page does not provide information about this particular equipment and that I should start cracking on one.

If we weren't such good friends, I would have not gotten to a gym the very next day to try my hand on the machine.

Azri's First Rowing Experience

I've never canoed or kayaked in my life so I cannot say for sure how realistic this machine is compared to the actual experience. It was easy to ease into - sit down, buckle my feet, set the controls and off I go.

The home rowing machine is a little different from conventional rowing because it engages your legs. If you canoe, what happens is that you lean forward, to angle your pedals before pulling your arms and body back simultaneously to get the maximum stroke length. In this machine, you are able to tuck your legs to your chest, and push with your leg power instead.

There is a control for you to set the tension of the cable that you pull on. I'm assuming that this is to set a scenario, should you choose to "canoe in choppy waters". The higher tension is felt on the cable during your workout. Notice that in most home exercise equipment, there is always the ability for you to adjust the tension.

In a treadmill, you are able to adjust the incline of the machine. Elliptical exercise machines increases the tension of the foot pedals, making you exert a greater force with every stride of your legs. Similarly, exercise bikes make pedaling a lot more tedious with an increase in intensity level. All this is to help you get more out of your fitness machine, and prevent boredom from experiencing the same set level of intensity every single day.

Does The Home Rowing Machine Pack A Good Workout

I'm not exactly sure that a home rowing machine packs a good CARDIO exercise, but it certainly seem to train my muscles more than cardiovascular endurance. After about thirty minutes, my arms, forearms and thighs were feeling the strain that I would feel after a good strength training workout, but I wasn't panting as much as I was on exercise bikes, treadmills or ellipticals.

Perhaps I was doing it wrong, I'm not sure. However, I actually enjoyed the 30 minutes of rowing. It suddenly got me thinking of taking up some basic canoeing experience, but that's a separate topic.

I would say that this machine caters more to people who are hardgainers. Hardgainers are basically people who have trouble putting on mass, but they don't want to do too much cardio because it might mean that their muscle mass will decline. However, since cardio is such an essential aspect of a fitness workout routine, a workout on such indoor rowing machines might just be the answer.

Having said that, I am not suggesting that this machine is ONLY for hardgainers. If you enjoy it and you feel that you want to canoe as a form of cardio workout, why not consider this machine. It's quite rare that fitness brands actually create a machine based on a water sport. At least, I've not heard of any in the market. Like I said before, I wasn't even aware that there was such a thing as a home rowing machine.

Any Downpoints To This Machine?

I'm quite particular about space constraints and the one thing you should know is that while this machine is pretty compact, it's rather long. It might be a hassle to angle it in your room especially if you were planning on using it while watching television. You can definitely do some space planning and check how the machine will fit, or try to find brands that provide more compact versions of the machine.

As I've mentioned earlier, if your aim is to get a fitness equipment that can help you improve your cardio workout experience, this machine is probably not for you. You might consider a elliptical exercise machines, mini treadmill or commercial exercise bike. These three machines pack a far stronger punch for your circulatory systems.

Final Words From Azri

I really enjoyed this machine! However, you could like it or possibly hate it to the core. Try to find out for yourself by trying out a machine in the gym before getting one personal home rowing machine.

Who knows, maybe you might consider taking canoeing lessons too, and then we could share our experiences together!

Though I probably should work on my fear of growingÉÉÉÉ.. But that's a separate topic. Let me know how you like rowing machines!

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