Having problems with time management

by Jane Doe

A reader wrote in asking about time management, but was too shy to have her identity revealed. So here is my reply.

I wrote this because I felt that a lot of people were complaining that they simply did not have the time to set aside to workout. So I thought about it and figured out an easy solution to allow you to stay fit and healthy with just a couple of minutes per day!

I made a video because I think that it would be a lot easier for you to understand by watching and listening to what I have to share with you.

Now, do remember that it is up to you how you want to play around with the numbers. Some people choose to do 5 pushups every ten minutes or something. If you find it annoying to tear away from your work every ten minutes, you could opt to do something like - 15 squats every hour.

Doing that for 8 hours means that you would complete 15 times 8 which equals to 120 squats for the day. It's pretty amazing when you see the numbers really add up.

When you just start out, it might seem insignificant, but once you see how much things change, from the way your body feels stronger, how you don't feel as lethargic as before, you will start to appreciate this method so much!

I hope you will take this seriously and put in some effort because it's really amazing and I think it's good because you don't need a huge block of time at one go. It's up to you to define how you work out.

The challenge is to keep at it, because you can definitely cheat. Just remember, you're only lying to yourself.

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