Green Tea For Weight Loss - Effective Or Overrated?

More and more people are turning to green tea for weight loss. There are all sorts of herbal products available now, each claiming to be better than the next. But the big question remains, does it really help you to lose weight, or is it just another overrated hype?

Green Tea For Weight Loss? Nah!

Green tea is known to have some detoxifying properties, that is indirectly linked to weight loss. However, it is not significant enough such that you can skip exercise and nutrition.

The unfortunate thing is that, many people assume that they can simply drink gallons of green tea and their weight problems will disappear. This is not the case because the amount of fat you lose from taking green tea is not significant to see any difference on the weighing scale.

Many products now on the shelves at pharmacies and other health stores involve green tea for weight loss. I am not stopping you from trying but such fast weight loss solutions might do you more harm than good.

There are also a lot of fast weight loss pills on the market now, but by now, you should know that I do not endorse such quick overnight miracles. Producers know that there is a huge demand for such products, so they cater for the consumers without much concern for health repercussions.

A lot of such magical diets and pills were recalled soon after they were marketed, so it gives you a rough idea what these products contain. My suggestion to you? Stay away from them!

A Look At Weight Loss

I'm repeating myself over and over again. You do not have to turn to green tea for weight loss. Just be sure to have a proper diet that is well-balanced and healthy and you can lose excess weight without depending on such silly diet plans, appetite suppressants, fat-burning pills and so on.

Observe what you eat, and then take note of what you abuse on a daily basis. Perhaps you have a lot of sweet drinks every day, make a conscious effort to slowly cut down on the number you drink per day.

If you usually drink 4 cups per day, strive to drink 3 for next week and maintain that number for a week to two weeks. After that, attempt to cut down to 2 cups and so on. Make sure you do not quit cold turkey.

Never go cold turkey on yourself. This is the one main factor why so many people fail at having a proper diet - they do not give themselves enough time to adjust to the changes in their diet.

Instead of cutting down slowly, they completely eliminate sweet drinks from their diet. This causes them to experience intense cravings and hunger pangs from the sudden lack of sweet drinks in their diet.

They try to curb their urge but because the elimination was made so suddenly, it is a matter of a few days before they fall prey to their urges and binge! Having been deprived of sweet drinks for so long, you can be sure that they would drink even MORE sweet drinks.

Why Is Green Tea So Popular?

You might have been wondering, if green tea for weight loss is just another fad, how come it seems as though so many people are talking about it? The answer is because green tea is another promise that you can lose weight quickly.

In this fast-paced, modern society, everyone wants answers quickly, instantly, if possible. However, problems don't go away that easily, because if they did, we would all be problem-free!

Green tea is a healthy addition to your diet. But please do not think that drinking a litre of green tea every day can help keep you slim and healthy, especially if you love eating doughnuts and red meat, but refuse to have fruits and vegetables.

If you can acknowledge that weight loss is going to take some time, and that you will need to put in effort in exercising and having a healthy diet, you are ahead of almost everyone else who wants to lose weight.

Final Words From Azri

People fail to lose weight not because they lack knowledge but because they refuse to accept the truth. Take a look at the following two sentences:

Hey, to lose weight, you need to stop eating those fatty foods, and make sure you eat healthily every day. Try to exercise often too!

You just have to drink this and you'll lose weight by next week!

I'm sure you'd prefer listening to the second statement right? It is so much more pleasant to know that weight loss is a simple goal that you can achieve by next week!

Everyone knows deep down that one needs to exercise and have a healthy diet to lose weight. But sometimes, listening to advertisements that promise easy solutions are so tempting, that one might fall prey to them.

Green tea for weight loss? Probably not. For detoxification, maybe yes. I wrote this to help you understand that a lot of things that is circulating online and offline are mostly hype, and you should keep this is mind if you want to achieve your goals.

Perspiration, hard work and determination will help you succeed. Not quick, overnight miracles, remember that.

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