Glute Workouts - Advanced Bridge Exercise On Stability Ball

This is the ultimate of all glute workouts - the advanced bridge exercise. It is possibly the hardest workout but life is only interesting if you give yourself challenges from time to time right?

There are methods of making this workout easier, so don't worry. The important thing is to learn as many exercises as possible so that you can change your routines whenever you start to feel bored.

Boredom kills, which is why it is important to not only make your routines as different as possible, but to give yourself a challenge from time to time. This will help to determine how much you have improved, which can be a great motivational factor!

Learn How To Perform Advanced Bridge Exercise

Glute workouts for the win! For the advanced bridge exercise, you will need an exercise mat and a stability ball.

  • Support your head and shoulders on the stability ball. Your legs should be in a normal crunch position.

This is your starting position.

  • Slowly raise your hips such that your shoulders, abdominals, hips and knees are in a straight line.

This will be your ending position.

  • Hold the repetition for maybe three to five seconds.

  • Repeat the entire process 8 more times.

Tips For Glute Workouts

  • The difficulty of the exercise is dependent on how far the stability ball is placed from your hips.

Should you find this exercise extremely tiring, you can place the ball closer to your hips, and it will make the workout much easier.

Remember not to force yourself. If it is too hard for you, try the normal bridge until you have improved your strength. Pushing yourself too hard will only cause you to be demoralized and lead to injuries.

  • Be sure to move slowly when executing the workout.

Since your upper body is supported by the stability ball, you need to move slowly, or else...

... you will fall off the ball, OUCH!

Besides the obvious injuries from falling off, you stand a risk from injuring your back. So be patient, and keep things simple and take your time. As you become more confident of using the stability ball, you will be doing such exercises with greater ease.

Making Glute Workouts Harder

  • Move the stability ball further away from your hips.

The distance between the ball and your hips determine the intensity of the workout. Therefore, increasing this distance will make the exercise even tougher.

To ensure that you don't overdo it, I strongly suggest that you make the adjustments gradually to prevent unnecessary strains.

Final Words From Azri

This is the most challenging out of all the butt exercises that I talk about, but it is certainly useful to train your butt muscles. Remember, it is not wrong to get a feel of this exercise just because you are new to working out.

Try making the workout easier. But you should not turn a blind eye to the advanced stability ball bridge. It is truly a great way of toning your muscles, so give it a go.

Stop making excuses and start working out! You can do it!

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