Exercises For The Butt - Bridge Exercise On Stability Ball

One of the best exercises for the butt: bridge exercise on a stability ball. If you have taken a look at bridge exercise, then this exercise is not a big surprise for you.

All you have to do for this workout is to have your legs resting on a stability ball while you perform the bridges. This is perhaps an intermediate level workout for that gorgeous behind.

Bridge Exercise On Stability Ball

This is one variation of the possible bridge exercises for the butt. I am showing you the ones that I feel are fun and different as well as effective. So let's get started!

  • Place both your legs onto a stability ball and lie flat on an exercise mat. This is your starting position.

  • Balance yourself and slowly raise your hips until your shoulders, hips and legs are in a straight line. This will be the end position of the workout.

  • Hold this position for 5-10 seconds, depending on how comfortable you are with the level of difficulty for this workout.

  • Repeat the entire process 8 times.

Tips You Should Know

As with other lower body workouts, take good care of the following:

  • Do not raise your hips too high because it will strain your backbone.

  • Find your balance before raising your hips.

Since you are propping your legs on the stability ball, it can be a challenge to stay balanced. Therefore, move slowly and find your balance before completely raising your hips. It will prevent nasty falls during your workout.

Making This Workout Tougher

  • Hold the end position for a longer period of time.

I'm sure you know how this makes the workout harder. Holding the position will demand a great amount of energy from your muscles to complete the workout.

  • Increase the number of repetitions

If you do not want to hold the end position because you tire too easily, you can actually attempt to do more repetitions. The important thing is to make sure that each repetition is done with quality.

Final Words From Azri

Yes, you might have done a tonne of other workouts for the butt, but to be frank, the bridge and its different versions are still the most effective ones to target the butt muscles.

So try this one out and see how you enjoy it. After all, there are so many other exercises you can play around with. Spice things up!

You'll have perkier butt cheeks in no time! :D

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