Your exercise plan to lose weight starting right now

Creating your exercise plan to lose weight today with me, your host!

This is a very popular question. It is even popular now with the start of the new year as everyone would like to lose some weight, gain some muscle and feel healthier and look better. We want to feel good about ourselves. It is only natural. You want to look in the mirror and feel proud and confident of the person you see, don't you?

I have to warn you, this might be a long blog post. But hey, you asked and I'm here to deliver. In order to create your exercise plan to lose weight, you are going to need 3 things. Wait, 3 things and a notebook. Trust me, you won't be able to remember everything at a drop of a hat.

Setting goals and doing regular positive reminders every day

When Oprah Winfrey was interviewed about her daily rituals to success, she said that she started the morning by closing her eyes and running through the things that she's thankful for. Then she visualises the goals that she intends to achieve.

This applies to you and your goal. Every morning, think about all the wonderful things you have in your life. Sure we want better things but hey, we have to be grateful and positive before we can bring about more positive things. Then start visualising your goal body. Think about how you would look, how would you feel, how would you walk, how would you talk, and feel the joy and the excitement.

Write down your goals. Cut out pictures of your target physique that you want to achieve. You should feel excited about it. You might be a bit nervous but 99 percent of the time, you are excited about this goal that you have set for yourself. Talk about your goals to your friends. Make it a point to feel good about yourself each day, every day.

Moving more, more, more

Your exercise plan to lose weight will definitely contain an element of exercise and working out but talking about exercise is pointless until we discuss this important preamble:

How much do you move? If you sit too much, start standing more. If you stand too much, start dancing more. Start moving more! You don't have to go from 0 to 100000, but just try to do a bit more than yesterday. Make it a healthy competition with yourself to move more than you did yesterday.

This is important because it primes your body to exercise. When you move more your body gets stronger and it is able to handle the demands of a workout that you will put for yourself.

The second part is actual exercising or working out. Your workout should shuttle between two types: something that works your muscles (strength exercises) and something that works your heart (cardio exercises).

Let me give you a simple tip. Words that end with ing are cardio exercises. Dancing. Running. Swimming. Playing (tennis, frisbee, soccer, basketball, rugby, dodgeball, whatever it may be). Words that don't are strength exercises. Crunches. Sit ups. Push ups. Bicep curls.

Get it get it? I hope that makes it simple and easy to understand now that I've broken it down!

Now, how do you go about doing this, it's up to you. There are lots of considerations to really planning your exercise plan to lose weight, for example, your current fitness level, or your fitness goals that you want to achieve. If I went into full detail, this blog post would be a book - which I have written and published called Burn Fat Fast.

It would be safe to say, you would want to do at least one cardio exercise and one strength exercise each week, while making sure that you move more each day. This amps up your fat burning and is critical in your exercise plan to lose weight.

The last ingredient to success: your nom noms!

This is another part of fitness that is so overrated. Think about every single person you've heard talk about food and they would tell you things like:

Don't eat this. It's bad.

Don't eat that. It's bad.

Don't. Don't. Don't.

The thing is, it's not so simple. It's easier said than done. You can't tell someone DON'T drink sweet drinks, when there's sweet drinks around every corner, at every cafeteria and restaurant. You can't tell someone DON'T eat carbs! Those carbs are everywhere too, in every meal, every snack.

This is what I will tell you: you can eat whatever you want to eat, but you must pay attention to the quantities you eat! If you want to have cake, eat the cake. But pay attention to the amount. Remember that what you put into your body, should be burned through your every day activity.

This is the reason why I say that it is important for you to feel good. Over eating is almost always because a person is stressed. If you feel good, you simply feel full after a decent meal. When you're stressed, you will eat and eat as your body's mechanism is so put on more fat. Every person I've worked with who has eating issues is because they have some major stress in their life that they were not coping with and they turned to eating a lot of junk food to feel better.

So pay attention to your mood and your feelings. Don't go into the kitchen if you're grumpy. Don't have meals when you're upset. Find ways to feel good first before you have breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper. Listen to music, watch a comedy before your meal. I guarantee you, you will see amazing difference in your eating habits.

Final words from Azri

These are a few tips that you can do to start your exercise plan to lose weight. I strongly recommend you take a look at my guide if you want more tips, I go fully in depth and show you every possible exercise, fitness tip and eating habits that you can use every day for life. It's worth your while, trust me.

However the tips here will give you a good head start so I hope to hear from you as to how you're progressing! All the best!

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