Exercise Equipment Review - Should YOU Consider Home Exercise Machines?

I will be doing an exercise equipment review section to help you make better, and more informed choices about various home exercise machines that you have been considering buying. Please keep in mind that my opinions are based on my experiences of using the various exercise machines. Ultimately it is your decision as to whether you should purchase one or not.

However, you should know that having such a machine does not guarantee that you will achieve your fitness goal. You need to stay committed to eating right and exercising regularly, which of course, would include you actively using the exercise equipment that you have chosen to buy. This brings me to my first point.

Stay Committed!

Very often, when I go over to a friend's place, I would notice an exercise machine in the corner of the living room, collecting dust. The joints are not oiled, and it seems as though no one has used it in years.

The unfortunate truth is that, so many people claim that they would use a product after checking out a particular exercise equipment review, but once they have it, they realize they don't use it as much anymore. This applies to everything. You might want to buy a camera, you claim that you would use it very often. You fork out a nice sum of money, and once you have it, you don't seem to be a trigger happy person anymore.

You need to keep yourself committed, so that you don't waste money and simultaneously achieve your fitness goals. These machines can definitely improve your workout experience if you use it correctly and know how to keep your training routines varied to prevent boredom.

Set aside half an hour, three times a week and make sure that you spend this time to exercise, and incorporate the exercise machine into your routine. Regardless of whether you choose to purchase a treadmill, or an elliptical exercise machine, the best exercise machine is one that is used regularly. Trust me.

Do Not Be Swayed Easily

Let us suppose that you have read a particular exercise equipment review of mine, and you've decided to head down to a showroom to try the equipment yourself, do not fall for a fast talking salesman.

I'm going to be brutally mean here: they are out to get a good commission off of you, and will do anything possible to get you to purchase the most expensive model. Just think of one time when you headed to a departmental store to buy maybe, a kitchen blender? The salesman approaches you, shows you various models, stops at one of the priciest and begins hard-selling you!

Okay, I'm not putting down salesmen, but I honestly do not like their method of hard-selling.

Remember, when you enter such a showroom, try the equipment and experience it for yourself. In my honest opinion, you don't really need the most advanced of models. Exercise machines now come with so many functions, I doubt anyone would use them, unless you're a professional athlete. Just get a normal, entry-level machine and I'm very sure that you made a VERY good purchase.

Of course, don't be too stingy and get some shoddy model that doesn't seem to be very safe or reliable. Remember, this is your health, investing in it is going to be worthwhile for life!

What Type of Exercise Machine Should I Get?

If you look through the list of exercise equipment review that I have below, you would realize that most are machines aimed at helping your cardiovascular workout. This means that I don't really discuss weight training machines. Why?

Weight training machines are good, but also risky. The reason is because, you need to understand the various muscle groups in your body and how the muscles INTERACT with one another so that you know which exercises to do. This means that you need to study muscle tissue physiology, which is complex and a nightmare.

I strongly suggest muscle building exercises through the use of body weight workouts. Such workouts using natural movements of the human body to maximize the work done by your muscles. This helps to greatly reduce the risk of muscle damage as compared to using weight training machines haphazardly.

Do not fear, you will find an exercise equipment review for the various weight training equipment on the market. Remember, choose what makes you happy. If you are happy when you exercise, you won't want to quit or give up!

List of Exercise Equipment Reviews

Elliptical Exercise Machines

The elliptical cross trainer machine has been argued to be one of the best exercise equipment on the market when it comes to cardiovascular exercises. I have one at home, so do check out what I have to say about this equipment.

Treadmill Machines

Treadmills are popular but are they really good at providing you with a good cardiovascular exercise? I hit the gym at school to give it a go, and give YOU my honest opinion of this particular contraption.

Also check out what makes a good treadmill workout plan.

Commercial Exercise Bikes

Enjoy cycling? Why not introduce some cycling into your workout with this exercise bike? It's not very common place, and I put it to the test in this review.

Home Rowing Machines

This was inspired by a good friend of mine who loves canoeing and insisted that I do an exercise equipment review for rowing machines. I found it quite hilarious and couldn't stop laughing when I was trying this machine out. The personal trainer on duty thought I was mad.

Multi Station Home Gyms

For those who are insistent on going to the gym but want to remain without the comfort of their home. This is how companies marketed the home gyms. Nevertheless, I gave it a go (and got quite a few stares because of my small built) just for the sake of this review. It was an interesting experience though!

Abdominal Exercise Machines

These machines are so common. Every single fitness brand has an entire stream of models aimed at helping you achieve ripped abs yet not many achieve results. Why?

Back Exercise Machine

All guys want to have that athletic V-shaped upper torso, and most of them believe that by performing various exercises on these fitness equipment, they would be able to achieve it. Will you? Maybe, maybe not. We shall see in this article, won't we?

Final Words From Azri

Well, I do hope that you will find at least a couple of good exercise equipment review that can help you make a more informed choice as to which machine you would like to take home! I make it sound as though you're bring a pet home. (:

However, do remember my tips that I've shared earlier in this article. It is so important that you stay committed to exercising and using your machine and to not be fooled into buying the most extravagant piece of machinery. You don't need to spend thousands to look good and stay healthy. You just need 2 hours a week, a good diet, and an unwavering determination.

Good luck!

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