Beware Of Exercise Equipment Gimmicks!

There are more and more exercise equipment gimmicks on the market. I think that this would be an important and helpful article so that you will not spend hundreds of dollars on exercise equipment that promises results but are just gimmicks.

My Personal Experience With Such Gimmicks

A few years back, my mother purchased an exercise equipment that was supposed to create a lean and toned torso. She did it for twenty minutes a day and got me to do the same.

I was a younger teen then and like most teens, I was quite crazy about my looks. The thought of having ripped abs was very appealing.

The dream of having abs like the cover models on fitness magazines drove me to use that exercise equipment for almost half an hour every single day. However, I never saw results.

The one thing I did achieve from using that exercise equipment (that turned out to be another commercial gimmick) was lower back pain. The experience also made me promise to never trust those "miracle" solutions for fitness ever again.

Common Exercise Equipment Gimmicks

  • White Electrical Pads

These pads when stuck onto your body supposedly releases electricity that "shocks" your muscle into shape. If you have not done crunches in three years, it is going to take 1000 watts of electrical energy to get the muscle to even twitch!

  • Vibration Belts

This is a belt with a vibrating plate that you can wear on your arms, thighs, and on your stomach area. When you turn it on, it starts vibrating so violently, you feel confident that you are zapping the stubborn fat away!

Well, what actually happens is that the fats stay exactly where they are and you get a rash from the constant rubbing of the plate on your skin. Even if you have worn it over a t-shirt, the itch is going to bother you.

  • That Weird Thing Where You Stand On It And Twist Your Fats Away!

I don't even know what to call this! HipTwist perhaps? ButtRotater?

Yet another exercise equipment gimmick. You stand on it and twist your body for a good half an hour. The salesman probably said that it will burn fat and give you a slender figure.

The harsh truth? You might injure your back from all the twisting and you don't burn any fat at all. Remember, if you aren't perspiring, you will not lose an ounce of fat.

  • Abs Exercise Chairs

This chair is like any other chair, except you can perform a certain type of crunches that will help tone the abs. I remember this being heavily marketed on television sometime back.

The selling point was that you could watch television, read a book and do crunches from time to time. However, buyers probably sat down, watched three hours of a soap opera, felt guilty, did 2 minutes of crunches and hoped for results.

Do I have to repeat myself? It is another exercise equipment gimmick. Exercising the abs can be simple. If you do crunches alone, nothing happens. You need to break out in perspiration doing physical activities, do proper abs exercises, and you will succeed.

Final Words From Azri

If you have purchased an exercise equipment gimmick, please know that I am not making fun of you. I have been guilty of it as well, as seen from my personal story at the start of this article.

The one thing that I hope you will remember from this article is to stay away from such gimmicks. Working out can be simple, cheap and it does not have to hurt.

I have heard of someone who got a back injury because of a new exercise equipment they purchased. It is not pleasant.

Remember to stick to the advice that I provide on this website. You will eventually reap the benefits. Stay strong and do not fall into the trap of such miracle equipment. There is never a silver pill for health and fitness. You have to work hard.

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