Examples Of Aerobic Exercise - What You Can Do

dancing is one of the many examples of aerobic exercise

There are various examples of aerobic exercise that you can do. I am not able to list out everything because aerobic exercises can be anything that raises your heart rate!

Since the list of aerobic activities is almost endless, what I shall do is to highlight the ones that I love to do, and hopefully you will get inspired to try them out yourself!


Swimming is one of the great examples of aerobic exercise. It is a workout that is just as good as running, but it does not strain your joints as your body is supported by the water.

Therefore, if you have certain joint or muscle problems, you can consider taking up swimming as a form of aerobic exercise. Also, when a person is overweight, he or she can train better by swimming because they become "weightless" in the water.

The one downfall of swimming is, since you are immersed in water, you are not aware of the fluids you have lost through perspiration. Sometimes, beginners especially, become dehydrated because they fail to drink enough fluids before, during and after swimming.

If you are bored with swimming or you prefer another workout that doesn't stress your joints, you can consider water aerobics.

Water Aerobics

Water aerobics basically refers to workouts that you do in normal aerobics classes in the water. This means that you can be dancing, walking and twirling in a swimming pool.

The water exerts a drag on you, which means that you need to put in more effort to move about. Despite requiring a greater amount of effort, you can rest assured that this workout will not stress your joints.

Two great examples of aerobic exercise discussed! Let's take a look at more!


Cycling is an interesting way of working out. The reason is, when you cycle, you are able to explore various new sights and sounds of your city and country, and this makes things less boring!

Boredom is one thing you need to prevent, as I've discussed in Motivation to Exercise. Cycling might just be the solution for you. Suit up, mount your bike and explore your neighbourhood!

Even better, find a buddy that you can cycle with! It will make things fun and you will build a stronger friendship with your friend. It's a win-win situation.

Good Old-Fashioned Running

Running is another one of the various examples of aerobic exercise. Running is inexpensive and easy to do, requiring you to wear comfortable clothes and proper running shoes. Similar to cycling, the great thing about running is that you can explore new places!

The only disadvantage that I can think of that you might experience is the possible runner's knee, an injury that involves pain in the knee from excessive running. Running might also get boring after a while as it is not varied, as compared to water aerobics, for example.

However, you can combat this possible boredom by spicing up by doing things like interval trainings and circuit trainings, instead of simply jogging or running around your neighbourhood. What's more, interval trainings also help to boost your stamina and energy levels.

Running is great as an aerobic activity that can make your cardiovascular systems stronger. On top of that, the nature of running also helps to make your bones stronger, preventing the risk of osterporosis.

Taking Up Sports

Sports are great examples of aerobic exercise. They can range from volleyball to football, water polo, tennis, netball and Frisbee. I'm sure out of all the different sports you see, there is at least a few that you might be interested to try out.

Never feel scared or daunted by trying out new activities. Sometimes, when you try new sports, you might realize that you enjoy it, when at first you didn't! What's more, you never know that you discover a new talent in a sport that you have just tried.

Other Possible Aerobic Workouts

This is a wonderful thing that you can try at home. Equipment is inexpensive and you can easily spice things up by doing variations!

Water aerobics is fast becoming more and more popular. It doesn't injure your joints and best of all, you burn more calories than usual exercises.

Final Words From Azri

There are many examples of aerobic exercise but the ones I've shared here are possibly the more common ones. I love to swim and run. However, if I find a water aerobics class, you can be sure that I will enrol myself in it. It seems so fun!

Never underestimate the benefits of aerobic exercise. So give it a go and who knows you discover some new activity that you like?

All of us have done aerobic activities, perhaps without realizing. Doing household chores is a form of exercise on its own. The only problem is that simple things like sweeping the floor is not intensive enough to improve our stamina and lower risk of heart diseases.

Find one sport or activity and give it a go as soon as possible! You don't have to worry if you don't enjoy it since there are plenty of other activities that you can choose to try out!

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