Dumbbell Pullovers - Another Gym Workout Made Home-Friendly

Step into a gym and you'll definitely see fitness enthusiasts performing dumbbell pullovers. A gym is great, but some of the workouts you see being carried out in the gym can be performed at home too.

After all, you can exercise anywhere, so you don't really need complicated gym machinery and equipment just to be healthy. You can attempt this workout from the comfort of your own home.

Learning About Dumbbell Pullovers

This exercise is similar to dumbbell flyes. However, your hands are now over your head!

For this workout, you will need one weight and a nice mat to lie on. I'm sure you can find them lying around at home.

  • Lie flat on an exercise mat. Grasp your weight firmly with both hands and raise your arms over your head.

  • Lift your arms such that your palms are just floating above the surface of your floor/mat.

This is the starting position of your exercise. Avoid resting your hands on the floor as it will lessen the effectiveness of your workout.

  • Lift your arms slowly, until your hands are directly above your head. This is your end position.

Similar to dumbbell flyes, be sure to keep your elbows slightly bent to prevent muscle strain.

  • Aim to complete 8 repetitions of this exercise.

Tips You Should Keep In Mind About Dumbbell Pullovers

  • Keep your hands hovering over the surface of the floor at every starting position.

If you cannot keep your hands floating above the surface, chances are, you are completely burned out from doing any further repetitions. So take a break and relax. Please do not get injured.

  • Grasp your weight firmly.

Having a firm grip is very important as you do not want your weight to slip and cause injuries.

  • Keep your movements slow and steady.

Important tips are worth repeating over and over again. I hope you are not annoyed, but please keep in mind to not jerk and move too quickly. Move at an appropriate pace.

Making Dumbbell Pullovers A Little Harder

  • Use a heavier weight.

Remember to not to pile on weights too quickly. You'll injure yourself and you won't be able to exercise for at least three weeks - after which your fitness will have gone down again.

Take things slowly, one step at a time. Being patient will reward you handsomely.

  • Attempt more repetitions.

This is true for every single exercise. If you want a bigger challenge, just strive to complete more repetitions. Again, listen to your body and do not overdo it.

  • Hold the end position for several seconds.

You can try to make things harder by holding the end position (where you bring your arms over your head) for a few seconds. You can choose how long you would want to hold each repetition.

Remember, variety rules!

  • Keep your elbows slightly bent throughout the workout.

Final Words From Azri

You have now learnt about another simple workout for the chest. Whenever someone tells you that you must go to the gym to have a proper workout, just smile politely and walk away.

I've shown you two workouts that were previously believed to be "gym-only" exercises that you can do at home. I think being able to do them from the comfort and privacy of your home is very important.

It makes you feel relaxed and confident because you are in your personal space. You will have a greater sense of confidence to try out the workouts.

So grab a mat, wear your favourite tee and shorts or track pants and get cracking! You know you want to. :D

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