I'm loving door frame pull up bar workouts

Seriously, having a door frame pull up bar is awesome. Truly. For the longest time, I knew that this is easily one of the best upper body strength training exercise. It trains your arms (both biceps and triceps AND forearms), your chest and back, shoulders and abdominals.

I wasn't kidding when I said this exercise is awesome, awesome, awesome. The only issue was accessibility.

Now, I cannot speak for everyone across the globe, but for me (I'm in Singapore), you can't get access to pull up bars unless you make your way to a gym, which I dislike. Alternatively you could go to a neighbourhood fitness corner but more often I would find hooligans loitering, or coating the bars with food or something disgusting.

Naturally, these factors made it more difficult to perform pull up workouts. A friend of mine suggested that I purchase a door frame pull up bar but I was against the idea because it involved drilling and there was a risk of wall wearing and tearing from constant use.

Then lo and behold, there was a better alternative! My friend purchased a door frame pull up bar which would extend outwards and grip the sides of the doorframe while you perform pull ups. It involves no drilling, and while it does place quite a bit of pressure on your doorframe, it doesn't cause as much damage as drilling.

The picture you see is how I mounted my pull up bar between two walls. I didn't use a doorframe to mount it simply because my doorframe is rounded at the top rather than rectangular. Furthermore, it would be high enough for me to perform pull ups properly.

Should you purchase a door frame pull up bar?

My answer is: definitely! Without a doubt. What is great is that, these "extension-based" doorframe pull up bar can always be removed and placed elsewhere.

Why is this great? Well, if you find that the standard pull ups are much too demanding, you could lower it and perform an inclined pull up instead, where the bar is at your waist level and your body is at 45 degrees with the floor.

As your muscular strength and endurance improves, you can start to adjust the pull up bar higher and higher until you are able to perform the standard one with no issues.

Another wonderful perk is the convenience that having a door frame pull up bar has brought me. It's at home, and therefore I'm able to perform pull up bar workout whenever I want to; when I get out of bed, when I come home from class, when I'm bored. There's no concern of having rowdy people messing with the bar nor leaving an unpleasant surprise for me when I mount it.

I also think that it would give you the confidence to try this exercise when you are in the privacy of your own home. A lot of readers have told me that they don't want to try this pull up bar workout because it's embarrassing to not be able to complete one repetition in a public space.

By investing in one in your home, you can keep on trying and you won't have to worry about what people think. Remember, the "extension-based" one is always adjustable, so you can adjust the height such that it suits your current fitness ability.

Wrapping up

It might seem as though I'm rambling but yes I'm just so excited to share this experience with you. I think it's awesome now that I can perform this whenever I want to and not have to worry in case I see a bunch of teenagers just being dicks and not allowing any one else to access the bar - seriously, it has happened so many times, which is upsetting because you left the house thinking you're going to get a great workout, to only reach the fitness corner or the gym and realising you have to head home, cause there's a bunch of drunks being rowdy and being inconsiderate.

So all in all, I think this is a great investment for you to take a look at, simply because it's really simple to install - just twisting the bar till it extends outwards enough to press against your door frame, or two parallel walls, as opposed to having to drill one in. It's great cause it is also removable, so more than one family member can use it - say someone else in the household wants to give it a go, you could remove it and lower the height, or increase it, depending on their fitness level.

By doing it at home, you avoid the unnecessary situation of feeling embarrassed - though I strongly hope that in time, you will love yourself and the person that you are, because you are amazing and you should be proud of who you are. Your family members might also find motivation in yourself to exercise with you, and you could jazz up your workouts together or make it a regular family activity.

So definitely, give this a go, and let me know how you feel about it!

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