Does the lunge exercise help to improve the butt area?

by Denise

Does the lunge exercise benefit in lifting the butt?

Azri's reply

Hello Denise, thank you for your question. In order to answer this, one needs to consider whether you have a healthy Body-Mass Index or whether you have a slight weight issue. The reason for this is because, people with weight problems need to combat that problem FIRST, before they are able to see significant results with muscle toning and strengthening exercises.

Allow me to explain. Our bony comprises of our skeletal structure, muscles and fat (I'm ignoring other complex systems). Muscles cover bone and fat covers muscles. Therefore, while muscle building and strengthening exercises can help you tone and strengthen the muscles, making you improve your performance at work, home and in sports, the appearance of your muscles will not change if there is a layer of fat covering that region of muscles.

Some people choose to spot tone, by exercising the same area every single day. However, this is counterproductive, because the human body cannot eliminate fat in a designated area alone. It burns fat throughout your body. You need to bring down your OVERALL body fat content, in order to have more appealing butt, or abdominals and so on. This is why cardio/aerobic exercises are so important in a particular workout routine.

Therefore, I suggest that you first check your Body-Mass Index, or go down to your GP to ask about your weight and whether it is in the healthy range, and get clearance from him or her for you to begin exercising. Once you've worked on your weight issues (if you have one), then you start to see noticeable difference when you start with your muscle building exercises too. It does seem quite overwhelming, but if you take things one step at a time, you'll realize that exercising is not so complicated nor is it difficult to improve our physique.

I wish you the very best in your health endeavours. Good luck!

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Nov 24, 2011
Buts and Ab trends...what's next?
by: Sandy

Hi Azri,

As you know, I'm not an expert on fitness.

But I wanted to share a thought with you. In no way am I asserting that the commenter is obsessed with "glutes". But I just wanted to add to the "marketing" end of this which could influence people to work on just one section of the body.

On our local channel, there was a newstory about people with "bad knees". And the reporter stated that if the "glutes" strong, the knees function better. His prescription was to do exercises for the "but" to help the "knees". Perhaps because news is presented in "sound bites" or neglect by the reporter,the issue of working the whole body was not addressed.

Neglect to provide the whole truth regarding the whole body, such as you have done with your response, can lead people to believe they can address just one "isolated" section of the body.

Unfortunately, this can lead to a preoccupation with new exercise trends. Right now "building the glutes" is hot. The advertisers show images of the "best buts" on movie stars and celebrities.

I remember the trend of building the "six pack". Then there was the "arms" and now "buns of steel". It makes you wonder what is next? The product producers make a lot of money marketing this way.

I'm not saying that tapes and exercises targeting particular body parts are wrong. But, I think people need to know that if the whole body is not in shape they could be wasting their money.

Thank you for letting me share this insight.

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