Do I need a great deal of upper body strength to do dumbbell pullovers?

by Jane

Hello Mercedes

Thank you for dropping by. Your question is:

I'm just wondering on how to do dumbbell pullovers. Is this something that requires a deal of upper body strength because I really don't have much of that.

The answer is, you definitely don't need a lot of upper body strength especially if you're starting to workout only recently. For example, if you're worried that you are not able to carry large weights, you could simply grab things lying around the house, things that have a comfortable weight - for example, a bottle of water, and trying to do a few dumbbell pullovers and seeing how you feel.

If the first repetition feels too difficult, find something lighter. If it feels good, then carry on to do a couple of repetitions. Eventually, whichever weight you choose would feel too easy, and this is where you need to make some incremental changes to the weights that you do.

This is because your body has developed more upper body muscular endurance, your muscles are getting stronger and toned, and hence can deal with a greater weight. So if you were using a bottle of water to do dumbbell pullovers as your weight, you could progress to perhaps, an encyclopaedia. The jump shouldn't be too great. You shouldn't feel that you just went from gear 1 to gear 4 when you changed weights.

Your body can deal with any form of physical challenge if you subject to it incrementally. Be sure to also jazz up your exercises. Change the order of the workouts. Add new exercises, workout at different times of the day. Doing the same thing at the same time makes your body fall into "lazy mode" and it won't train itself anymore. You need to jolt your body by mixing and spicing your routines up.

I hope this has answered your question! Thank you. Do keep the questions coming!

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