Dips Exercise - We'll Dip Into The Pool Of Fitness!

Dips exercise is great for toning the partner of your biceps, the tricep muscles. Paying attention to your diet and doing this workout from time to time, can give your arms a great definition from the back.

Rippling biceps should not be accompanied by limp triceps, don't you agree? So get ready, get set, DIP!

Understanding Dips Exercise

This workout will require a simple tool: a chair. Choose a sturdy one, as you will be propping your body weight on one side of it.

start position of dips exercise

  • Sit on the chair and place your palms on the edge. Using your feet, inch your legs out, until your body is hovering just after the seat.

Make sure your legs are straight. If you feel that you need additional support, use a stepladder and prop yourself from the lowest rung. Take small baby steps and you will become stronger.

end position of dips exercise

  • Slowly lower your body down.

  • Using your arms, push your body back to starting position.

  • Repeat this procedure another 8 more times.

Little Tips You Should Know

  • Use a chair of an appropriate height.

When you are starting out, you might not be able to do dips exercise from a proper chair. So be fair to your body, and start with a stool first. It is okay to start small, remember that.

  • Make sure the chair or stool is stable.

Before starting this workout, give it a little press at the edge. Will it topple easily? If it will, use another chair. Time spent checking this is priceless as it will help prevent injuries later!

  • Descend slowly during the exercise.

You are not able to see directly behind you. Descending slowly will prevent you from bumping painfully into the frame of the chair.

Making It Harder

  • Holding the position for a few seconds.

When you lower your body, hold it for a few seconds before returning to the starting position. It will be an amazing feeling!

This is the tip I love the most!

Final Words From Azri

You might have, at some point, dreamed of having the perfect figure? Well, the main reason why you did not achieve that is probably because you did not exercise and eat well.

I hope that now, with my tutorials, you will cast aside your inhibitions and start paying some attention to your body. It is not easy, but it is extremely rewarding.

Imagine attending a friend's dinner invitation and having people compliment you on your healthy glow. Wouldn't that be simply incredible?

It's simple. Stay away from those overnight miracle solutions that is nothing but a hype, make sure you have a healthy diet and exercise regularly.

Nothing can stop you from looking better.

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