My Daily Workout Schedules Revealed!

take a look at my daily workout schedules

You probably itch to know what are my daily workout schedules like. Well, I will be sharing them here with all of you. I hope that it gives you a sense of motivation to work hard, or perhaps the confidence to try planning your own workout routine.

Once you've held a pen to paper, or placed your fingers on your keyboard, your ideas will begin to flow, believe me. I procrastinated when it came to deciding my own regiment but when I finally sat myself down to doing it, my plan became clearer and I finally had a proper fitness goal.

I have a total of four daily workout schedules, one for Monday to Thursday. Those are the days that where I spend about half an hour to one hour in the evening to exercising.

Daily Workout Schedules: Monday

Monday is a day where I spent an hour or so engaging in some aerobics exercise. I have a few different options.

If I can my friend to tag along, I'd go swimming. I have to admit, my swimming is not fantastic, so I try to swim until exhaustion.

In the event none of my friends is free, it'll be running several rounds around my neighbourhood. Usually I try to complete 2 miles every time. Again, if I manage to find a friend who is free to jog with me, I'll probably strive to cover a longer distance.

I like to run while listening to songs. It really helps to distract me so that I won't tire or get bored as easily.

Recently, my mom made me follow this aerobics VCD by Nell McAndrew. It is called Peak Energy. I used to have a immature thinking that such videos were not very effective but Peak Energy blew me away. It was tiring, challenging and fast-paced, so it really packs a punch.

I doubt I'll be running any time soon since I now have Nell McAndrew to occupy my Monday evenings.

Daily Workout Schedules: Tuesday

It is upper body day for me! On Tuesday, I concentrate on exercising my arms, shoulders and chest using several exercises that I have grown very fond of.

I am so fond of them that I have not really made any major adjustments or changes to my workout routine for Tuesday for quite some time. I like it enough to keep me motivated.

Upper Body Exercises

Surprised that there are only a few exercises? I don't really have a lot of variety for my upper body workout. I complete about 2-5 cycles of this entire workout.

Daily Workout Schedules: Wednesday

You might have guessed it! It's abdominals day. I tend to do more repetitions for abdominals to get an extra kick out of working out. Therefore, if you are just starting out, please take it slow as you would not want to get injured.

Also, if the number of repetitions is too high for your comfort, feel free to lower it on your own. Do what is comfortable for you.

Abdominals Exercises

I strive to do 2-3 cycles of this workout.

Out of all my daily workout schedules, I must admit, Wednesdays and Thursdays are my absolute favourites. Take a look at my Thursday regiment for legs! :D

Daily Workout Schedules: Thursday

I love to train my legs. Thursday is solely for working my thighs, hamstrings and calves. However, I have to be careful because of my knee injury, so I tend to spend quite a lot of time doing the exercises really slowly.

You might laugh watching how gingerly I move my right leg during workouts. But I don't really have a choice!

Leg Exercises

You might be wondering.

How on earth do you stay focused to do 15 minutes of step ups!

I watch a show on my laptop while working out. Usually I'll be laughing at the jokes Estelle Getty cracks during the old series, the Golden Girls. It's my absolute favourite show!

Final Words From Azri

You've finally caught a glimpse of my daily workout schedules. There are times when I feel lazy, and I either cut down on the number of repetitions, or refuse to do a particular workout.

Sometimes, I also choose to exchange one exercise, say, instead of doing squats, I will do squat thrusts instead. I make changes pretty randomly, but I must say that the regime I've shown you above has been used by me for quite some time!

If you want to try my routine, please start slow. Maybe aim for a lower number of repetitions and see if you can complete them comfortably. Injuries are just a big pain in the behind, so do take care and do not strain yourself unnecessarily!

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