Cucumber Sandwich - Great For You Inside Out!

A cucumber sandwich probably has a whole truckload of vitamins and minerals although there is only one vegetable in it. I thought it would be a good opportunity for me to discuss the health benefits of cucumbers here as well.

If you have been pushing aside this green miracle, then shame on you! However, it's never too late to start having cucumbers in your everyday diet.

The Goodness Of Cucumbers

Helps you achieve beautiful skin

You can consume cucumbers for healthy radiant skin. If you have been forking out money for expensive facial masks and cleansers, now you have a cheaper alternative.

Blend cucumbers and tomatoes and apply on your face. In a couple of weeks, you'll have a complexion that will break many hearts! The only problem will probably be the mess in the kitchen and washroom.

Beauty comes at a cost, now doesn't it? :D

  • Best sunburn solution

Cucumbers are the best answer for sunburns. Just cut a few slices and apply to affected areas. Who said aloe vera is best was just kidding themselves.

Cucumber Sandwich Recipe

I am going to add a bit of protein into this recipe, to give it a bit of flavour and additional nutritional value.


  • A can of tuna, look for something with low fat and no sodium (the best would be to prepare your own)

  • Cucumber, washed and shredded to your preference

  • Honey mustard sauce (or you could go for mayonnaise, or mustard or chill sauce)

  • Your choice of bread, toasted


Place the cucumbers on top of one slice of bread. Scoop a nice amount of tuna and spread it on the cucumbers. Add a dash of your favourite sauce - in my case, honey mustard. Top with another slice of bread and you're done!

You could also place it in the oven for a last minute toast before consuming a sandwich full of goodness!

Final Words From Azri

Cucumber might be an acquired taste, so hopefully this recipe helps you enjoy this green vegetable much easier! Give it a try and let me know how it works out for you.

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