Core Strength Workouts - Tighten That Abdominals

Core strength workouts help to tone and strengthen the abdominals, which is crucial as our midsection (or core) is where our strength comes from. A weak core means that we are more likely to experience back problems, among other things.

The common misconception that many people have is that, as long as they do the best possible abdominal exercises, they will be able to sport a six pack that fitness models always flaunt. However it doesn't work that way.

Don't get me wrong. Engaging in core strength workouts will tone and strengthen your abdominals, but they won't show if you have a layer of fat above your abdominals. It could be a little tiny layer, but it can hide your abdominals from full view.

Therefore, it is important to have a good diet, on top of exercising regularly.

Before Working Out, Watch Le Food!

Food is the reason why many people fail to look good or shed pounds. They do not know the healthy eating guidelines. On top of that, they eat poorly, leading to more fat than muscle gains.

First of all, have more clean, white protein in your diet, like fish and chicken. Tuna and salmon are excellent sources of protein. Make sure that you also have a lot of leafy vegetables. Also have clean, brown fibre. Avoid white bread and white rice. Get wholemeal alternatives.

Besides that, avoid food containing high amounts of sugar or oily food. Sugary foods are the reason why people gain weight, despite exercising regularly. Slowly minimize your intake of sugary stuff and you would be surprised at the amount of weight you will lose in time.

Also, try to break up your meals throughout the day. If you usually have three meals, try to break it up such that you perhaps have five to six meals. It might be tiring to prepare, but breaking up meals ensures that your metabolism remains higher for a longer period of time, which helps you lose weight.

Core Strength Workouts For You

Got the proper mindset? Are you eating well? Then perhaps it is time for you to get started on some core strength workouts.

A little tip that you should be aware of. Please do not focus solely on your abdominals and neglect other parts of your body. Try looking at my 20 minute workout plan or 30 minute workout to get a rough idea of what such workouts are like.

    Example 1

Try to complete 2-3 sets of this workout.

Final Words From Azri

The important thing is not to follow the workouts that I have highlighted here, but to try planning your own personalized routine. When you take some time to plan something, you would be more motivated to carry it out, and can cater to your own physical abilities and needs.

Therefore, you should use my examples and see what kind of workout you can craft. You never know what fantastic workout ideas might be generated if you gave it a shot!

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