Commercial Exercise Bike Review - Exercise Bike Program Takes Cycling To A New Level

This commercial exercise bike review can help all of you out there who loves cycling and want to do it in the comfort of their homes.

I'm actually a lover of cycling. There's this beautiful (albeit man-made) park in Singapore called East Coast Park and that's where I usually go to, to cycle with my friends. It's amazing what my friends and I can talk about while cycling. We'd start laughing and don't seem to notice how far we've cycled. Those who enjoy cycling can probably relate.

The commercial exercise bike is exactly like cycling, except that you are stationary throughout the entire duration of your workout. This can get pretty boring for some people but of course there are ways for you to overcome this particular mental hurdle.

Watching your favorite television program while exercising

I'm not sure whether you have tried this method, but it really helps. The idea really helps take the focus off your workout for the entire duration.

I personally hate doing step ups but I know that it helps my running and jumping a lot when I play volleyball. So I decided to try this tip, and set up my step up stool before my computer and booted my favorite series "The Golden Girls" and watch this comedic show every time I'm doing step ups.

It took my focus off my workout and I didn't notice the discomfort that I was feeling from the exercise. You can try it out. Play your favorite shows - whether it's hilarious or downright gruesome, chances are, you don't feel as overwhelmed when you're doing boring or stationary exercises like being on your commercial exercise bike!

Playing your choice of music playlist

The rationale for this is the same as playing your favorite TV show. The music that you play distracts you since you focus more on the tune and the lyrics of your artist.

There are however, a lot of people who are for, and against this method of distraction. Some argue that since it is auditory, it doesn't seem as effective since you are not engaged visually.

Experts claim that the best form of distraction is one that is visual. Whether this is proven scientifically or not, I can't say for sure, but you should still consider this and see which works better for you. Either way, it doesn't matter whether you choose to distract yourself through using music or through TV. I'm proud that you're trying to find a way to make the most out of your exercise bike.

One thing that I find useful (about using music, that is), is that the rhythm of music actually helps you set the tone of your workout routine. Try it out one day with two playlists. One is full of slow, classical songs, while the other has more upbeat, pop tunes. You'll notice a dramatic difference in your workouts.

There's no hard and fast rule - some will enjoy slow music, while others need something faster to push them to keep to their workout routines. Find one that suits your style, get on your commercial exercise bike and work up a good sweat.

Why I Don't Like The Commercial Exercise Bike

I have to be honest, I don't like this fitness machine because it gets very uncomfortable if you use it for long periods of time. I like doing cardio exercises, particularly cycling and running and I tend to keep at it for at least an hour, sometimes, even more.

Sitting down in that chair, although it may be contoured, can become downright painful after that kind of time frame. When I tried it in the gym, I managed to steel myself for 45 minutes before I declared defeat. It's not easy. Perhaps my skinny frame is to blame, a lot of my friends think my butt is almost non-existent, so that could be a factor.

However, I think that no matter who you are, sitting down to do cardio is going to get a little bit annoying and the discomfort can really get at you after a while. Trust me, if you start to feel the slightest bit uncomfortable, it won't be long before your commercial exercise bike is collecting dust in a remote corner of your house.

My advice? If you want to purchase it, go to a showroom and insist on trying it out for at least 45 minutes. I'm sure that your sales rep will be happy to let you have a try. Make sure that you're not a tad bit uncomfortable during that duration, because chances are you will be spending that amount of time on it.

10 minutes of warming up, 15-25 minutes of interval training (once you're at your peak) and another 10 minutes of cooling down.

That is easily 35-45 minutes on the exercise bike and if there is one thing you take away from this exercise bike review, is that you need to make sure that you're happy and comfortable on the machine. You are paying your hard-earned money for this machine, so you better be absolutely sure before agreeing to the purchase.

Final Words From Azri

I hope you will consider my exercise bike review when you are making your purchase of such a commercial exercise bike. Do your market research always, and insist on trying out the equipment first. There are so many brands out in the market today, I'm sure that you can find a brand that is within your budget and takes an individual's comfort into consideration.

Too many people waste their hard earned money every year on various products, pills, and schemes that don't work. Or they don't take the time to get opinions, find reviews online and just rush into buying one and end up not using it. It's a waste of your money.

Remember not to let the commercial exercise bike collect dust in a corner of your house! :P

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