Calf Raises - Simple Moves Can Be Wonderful!

Calf raises help tone the one leg muscle that gets neglected by other leg exercises, yeap, the calves. Quite a number of the workouts you have tried at leg workouts section target the thighs and other leg muscles.

The good thing is that this workout is simple and easy! You could probably do more than the number I suggest! So try it on for size, and see what happens.

If you have been working out using the exercises I've shown on this site, and taking care of your nutrition, you will be saying hello to gorgeous legs real soon!

How Do You Do Them Well?

  • Stand straight with your feet shoulder width apart.

starting position of calf raises

  • Stand on your toes. Hold the position for 3-5 seconds.

end position of calf raises

  • Repeat this exercise 8 more times.

It is THAT simple! The reason why I suggested for you to hold the position for 3-5 seconds is because you need to decide the duration for yourself.

Things You Should Take Note Of

  • Wear comfortable shoes.

You can minimize strains on your toes. This is optional. I have been doing this workout on an exercise mat, and I feel okay. My suggestion is: listen to your body.

Tips To Make The Workout Tougher

  • Instead of doing it on a flat ground, try doing this workout on a step.

making calf raises harder

Try doing this exercise on a step. Place your toes on the step, and carry out 8 repetitions of calf raises.

Doing on steps or a stable stool means that you need to push your body up even more. This increases the intensity of effort on your calf muscles.

  • Adding on some ankle weights.

Similar to most other leg exercises, you can up the difficulty by using weights. As I have mentioned before, do not put a huge amount of weights when you are starting out.

Being gradual is important. You do not want to get injured.

Final Words From Azri

This workout wins hands down!

What can I say? This is the simplest exercise, and it's pretty effective. With so many exercises, you can be sure that your workout routine does not have to be boring.

It's really simple, and you have absolutely zero excuses not to try it! With such little steps, you can do it almost anywhere, on a long commute, while waiting in line to pay for your groceries...

Exercise is flexible! Move forward and conquer!

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